Friday, February 27, 2009

And here.... we..... GO! Free Agency is off and running

Hey folks - here are the signings already - and there have been a ton involving an extrodinary amount of money.

Here are the broad strokes -

  • Kellen Winslow has been traded to the Bucs for 2 undisclosed picks. Eric Mangini has made some big changes so far in Cleveland and given last season, this isn't a shock. Speculation is that Braylon Edwards could be moved as well - if that happens, who will Quinn or Anderson throw to? Stallworth?
  • The Redskins land defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth with a record 7 year, $100M contract. Just saw on NFLNetwork that they have talked to him and his agent about conditioning because as we all know, the one thing sure to stop Haynesworth is Haynesworth. There does appear to be a conditioning clause. Could be huge for the Redskins defense. Skins also signed DeAngelo Hall long term.
  • The Jets wisely retain blocking fullback Tony Richardson, thereby improving the odds Thomas Jones and Leon Washington will run the ball effectively in 2009. Rumors have it they will be signing a Raven defensive player shortly as well - though it looks to be Bart Scott not Ray Lewis.
  • The Jets/Pats swapping continues - Pats have signed former Jet TE Chris Baker.
  • The Ravens have signed Domenick Foxworth.
  • QBs who might be on the move - Matt Cassel is rumored to be going to the 49rs and Sage Rosenfels will be moved to Minnesota.
Tons more to come - will try to keep you posted all day today when I can get to the computer.

Who said the market wasn't all that interesting this year?

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