Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Favre retires - REACT

Hey folks, hope you are having a fine Wednesday.

As promised, the site is gearing up again and what better way to start off than with the announcement that Brett Favre will be retiring. again. Maybe for real. has compiled some reaction to the imminent departure of Brett the Jet, myself among them.

Click the link for some other thoughts on it, but here is what I had to say:
"Brett Favre has retired yet again and while the season didn't exactly go the way he or the Jets envisioned, that's not what leaves me with a poor taste in my mouth. It's the rumors that he has, once again, asked to be released prior to deciding to retire (presumably to play for the Vikings, where he wanted to go last summer) that really will stick in my craw. Will we see a repeat of last off-season, when Favre pitched a fit as he once again flip-flopped on retirement and, failing to force his outright release, then settled for a trade to the Jets? For the Jets, being able to move forward with their quarterback situation prior to free agency and the draft while dumping Favre's $13 million cap hit is a positive. But one has to wonder - will the Favre controversy from 2008 rear its ugly head in 2009, all dressed up for a repeat performance?

Let me be clear on this - I love Brett Favre. I think he is a heckuva competitor and has put together a fine career which should not be much marred by the sub-par end of last season. The Jets collapse was not just his fault - he was part of many issues.

That said, I have to wonder if he will ever get that he is not in control. Twice now he has (allegedly) tried to force an outright release to (allegedly) play for the Vikings (who are a QB and good playcalling away from being a legit Super Bowl contender).

I like Favre - I still think the trade for him was a no-brainer, no-lose situation which played out very well for part of the season, only to peter out for many reasons at the end. I am happy I have a Brett favre jersey. I am glad he played for the Jets. Maybe Pennington would have had the success he had with the Dolphins, had he stayed with the Jets. But I doubt it (though some of the failure rests on Mangini's hands - best of luck Brady Quinn).

Regardless it was a risk worth taking and I think the Jets made the right call.

Right now I'm hoping Favre makes an equally good call and stays retired. I really don't want to see him again in yet another uniform for a team that is good, though far from great.

Still, given last year, you have to wonder.

Best of luck, Brett - enjoy hunting season.

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Brian said...

So he actually handed his papers in this time, something he never did after his first retirement- I don't think the Jets would have had any patiance with Chad last year....Maybe the Jets will get lucky & pull a veteran out of no where to have a career year like the Dolphins did