Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thundering Blurb Football Shows!

This week they will be replaced by the All Access Football show - next week, the show will be guest hosted by the redoubtable Cecil Lammey's The Audible and the FCS' own Drive Block!

Same bat time, same bat channel - check them out, won't you?

I'm off to haul boxes!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sanchez to leave USC early - Pete Carroll unhappy

So as we expected (and talked about last night on The Thundering Blurb Football Show - haven't heard it yet - click HERE) Mark Sanchez has decided to forgo his final year at USC and head off into the NFL Draft.

Now I am of two minds here - first off another year would definitely improve Sanchez. I know he looked better as the year progressed and great in the Rose Bowl but the dude has never been touched, has just one year under his belt and occasionally makes some bad throws. Now, he's athletic, coach-able and driven, so some of what he is doing can be changed. I just hope he gets a year or so to work behind a good vet OR he is behind a good Oline wherever he goes, until he can get his feet wet.

But on the other hand, with Bradford and Tebow staying, his only real competition (right now, and it is early) is Matt Stafford of Georgia. And really, Sanchez could very easily beat him out as top QB in the draft.

Now that is no guarantee he'll go top 10 or even first round. According to Carroll on an interview at (look under the Petros and Money show aka PMS - second hour I believe) he didn't even get as good a draft feedback as he expected from the NFL Scouts.

Even though Carroll and Sanchez indicate money wasn't a big indicator, you have to think that he could make a ton more this year, versus going out next year in what might be a glutted QB class. And I have heard things from several people who know things that Sanchez was a little concerned about injury. Both are understandable and totally valid concerns.

If it were me, I would be hard pressed to stay in school. Especially in this economy.

Now USC Coach Pete Carroll didn't sugarcoat his feelings. Interestingly inthe AM570 interview one thing he said was his comments were more a message to recruits and other players than Sanchez. Carroll points to many players - Sedrick Ellis and Keith Rivers from last years' class (whom I interviewed at USC Pro Day last year - check it out on youtube by clicking their names) among them - as having made a ton more money by staying and improving their games. He believes it and in the above clip, it comes clear (if a little angry) in his speech.

But Sanchez is moving on. I'll keep you updated on his progress and of course we'll have analysis of him here at the Blurb as well as at and

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey guys

VERY excited that Draft season is here and to announce the all new, all sexy site. Check it out - I have a couple articles up and the guys already have Shrine Game notes.

Believe it yo!

Pioli named GM for the Chiefs

Quick update - first off I know it's been slow even with the college prospects declaring left and right (Crabtree of Texas Tech is going, Taylor Mays is staying at USC) but as I have mentioned before, my family is undertaking a large move - the month of January is pretty crazy. So we've been behind on the news.

And honestly with the exception of Mays and Tebow staying, none of this makes a huge difference. What will matter is the workouts between now and the draft - and we'll cover that plenty here and on Draftguys and NFLDraftbible. So bear with me please.

Second, Scott Pioli has left the GM post of the Pats for one in Kansas City. It's a crazy job he's undertaken and there is a ton of work to do. Plus, we'll find out how much he did vs Belichick when it comes to drafting and other stuff. Herm Edwards may be on the clock - we'll see whether he is going to be escorted out of the building soon. With a change at the GM spot and perhaps one at the coach position, one wonders what else will happen.

Will Gonzo and LJ get their wish to be traded or will they get sold on the new regime? Will the defense switch to the 3-4 when everyone they drafted of late is for the 4-3. What abotu Thigpen?

Should be interesting and we'll talk abotu that and much more tomorrow night at the all new time of 7:00 PM PST/10pm EST on's fabulous Fantasy Sports Channel.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tebow stays for one more year

So former Heisman Winner and current QB of the National Champion Florida Gators has decide that one more year at Florida would be the best thing for his development - I do believe he can become a NFL QB. But it will take time and another year of seasoning would be best for him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eben Britton to the NFL - good or bad?

Hey folks

Here's my latest article on NFLDraftbible - Arizona OT Eben Britton declared for the NFL draft on Jan 3rd and this article covers why I think it was the right decision for him. Feel free to discuss in the comments here or on

Also, my pick for tonight's game is Oklahoma. If the Sooners contain Tebow - and I feel they will - and if they get ahead.... well, it's going to be hard for Tebow, a great athlete but not a great QB (boy will I get hate mail), to throw them back into a game.

Should be a good game though. Dunno how people are calling for a Gator blowout.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thundering Blurb Football Show - special guest

Hey guys

Just a quick reminder that the Thundering Blurb Football Show will be on tonight at it's regularly scheduled 9pm EST/6pm PST time and we will be once again welcoming Eric Boland, Jets beat writer for New York Newsday and

I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about both for the Jets and the newly signed head coach of the Browns, Eric Mangini.

Should be good - check it out live or download it via ITUNES or Subscribe to the feed and never miss a show!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mark Sanchez - Decision Time

Hey folks

Another edition of NFLDraftbible's Decision Time - this time I was talking about USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Check it and many other awesome articles over at

For those of you waiting, will be back up and moving forward soon, so I am told. Am already working on a few things for them.

God I love Draft season.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Taylor Mays - Should he or shouldn't he?

Hey folks. as we move into the non-playing season, we here at the Blurb (which would be me and.... well me - it's a small staff) shift into a college prospect place. I will be doing a ton of draft coverage for, NFLDraftbible and various other outlets. So you'll be seeing a ton of links over the next months as I tell you where to find what i am doing.

First up is the beginning of a series of articles for NFLDraftbible about Underclassmen who may apply to enter the draft - it's called Decision Time. There will be a bunch of these by various writers over the next week to ten days, so make sure you check the site out often and not just when I link.

Most of my stuff is going to be on Pac-10 juniors - but there are many great writers covering the whole NCAA spectrum so head over there.

Here is my first piece on USC junior Safety Taylor Mays.