Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sanchez to leave USC early - Pete Carroll unhappy

So as we expected (and talked about last night on The Thundering Blurb Football Show - haven't heard it yet - click HERE) Mark Sanchez has decided to forgo his final year at USC and head off into the NFL Draft.

Now I am of two minds here - first off another year would definitely improve Sanchez. I know he looked better as the year progressed and great in the Rose Bowl but the dude has never been touched, has just one year under his belt and occasionally makes some bad throws. Now, he's athletic, coach-able and driven, so some of what he is doing can be changed. I just hope he gets a year or so to work behind a good vet OR he is behind a good Oline wherever he goes, until he can get his feet wet.

But on the other hand, with Bradford and Tebow staying, his only real competition (right now, and it is early) is Matt Stafford of Georgia. And really, Sanchez could very easily beat him out as top QB in the draft.

Now that is no guarantee he'll go top 10 or even first round. According to Carroll on an interview at (look under the Petros and Money show aka PMS - second hour I believe) he didn't even get as good a draft feedback as he expected from the NFL Scouts.

Even though Carroll and Sanchez indicate money wasn't a big indicator, you have to think that he could make a ton more this year, versus going out next year in what might be a glutted QB class. And I have heard things from several people who know things that Sanchez was a little concerned about injury. Both are understandable and totally valid concerns.

If it were me, I would be hard pressed to stay in school. Especially in this economy.

Now USC Coach Pete Carroll didn't sugarcoat his feelings. Interestingly inthe AM570 interview one thing he said was his comments were more a message to recruits and other players than Sanchez. Carroll points to many players - Sedrick Ellis and Keith Rivers from last years' class (whom I interviewed at USC Pro Day last year - check it out on youtube by clicking their names) among them - as having made a ton more money by staying and improving their games. He believes it and in the above clip, it comes clear (if a little angry) in his speech.

But Sanchez is moving on. I'll keep you updated on his progress and of course we'll have analysis of him here at the Blurb as well as at and

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