Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pioli named GM for the Chiefs

Quick update - first off I know it's been slow even with the college prospects declaring left and right (Crabtree of Texas Tech is going, Taylor Mays is staying at USC) but as I have mentioned before, my family is undertaking a large move - the month of January is pretty crazy. So we've been behind on the news.

And honestly with the exception of Mays and Tebow staying, none of this makes a huge difference. What will matter is the workouts between now and the draft - and we'll cover that plenty here and on Draftguys and NFLDraftbible. So bear with me please.

Second, Scott Pioli has left the GM post of the Pats for one in Kansas City. It's a crazy job he's undertaken and there is a ton of work to do. Plus, we'll find out how much he did vs Belichick when it comes to drafting and other stuff. Herm Edwards may be on the clock - we'll see whether he is going to be escorted out of the building soon. With a change at the GM spot and perhaps one at the coach position, one wonders what else will happen.

Will Gonzo and LJ get their wish to be traded or will they get sold on the new regime? Will the defense switch to the 3-4 when everyone they drafted of late is for the 4-3. What abotu Thigpen?

Should be interesting and we'll talk abotu that and much more tomorrow night at the all new time of 7:00 PM PST/10pm EST on Blogtalkradio.com's fabulous Fantasy Sports Channel.

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