Thursday, June 25, 2009

Running Back Blurb Breakdown: Adrian Peterson

So while I said I wouldn't be doing this numerically, I'd be hard pressed to start anywhere than with this guy.

Adrian Peterson
What’s not to like about Peterson? Good runner, great offensive line, decent WRs. All he needs is a few more TDs. Peterson has few minuses and now it looks like Brett Favre will be throwing the ball, in which case suddenly he gets someone who can keep the defenses from stacking against the run. Even Taylor isn’t too much of a threat for AP.

Safe and dependable, you know Peterson will finish in the top 5 every year. He has had some fumble issues he needs to work on and on occasion Childress has almost appeared to underuse him - but honestly these are minor details. Even a few carries to rookie receiver Percy Harvin won't hurt Peterson all that much. Aside from injury - and you can't predict that with real confidence - Peterson is the bottom line, safest running back in your fantasy draft.

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