Monday, June 30, 2008

Follow up on 'If a Kevin Jones Works out....'

So Sunday I wrote about Kevin Jones working out with several teams and wondering which of those teams might sign him.

Adam Shefter of NFLN has added a monkey to the wrench, if you will. According to his report, Kevin Jones is eying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a landing point.

On the one hand I wonder at the wording - he's eying the Bucs but are they eying him?

But on the serious side of things, you have to assume, as Shefter does, that it makes some sense for the Bucs. Sure, they just signed Ernest Graham to a 3 year, 10.5 million dollar deal. But as we pointed out Sunday, Graham has all of one year as a starter and that's not much of a track record. Jones plays well, he just has been misused (my opinion)and had some bad injuries (fact).

If he does sign there? I assume the Bucs let him heal for a bunch of games, then ease him in.

For you Fantasy Football players, it really screws with the Bucs RB fantasy value until it shakes it self out.

Of course, as I pointed out - Shefter says Jones is eying the Bucs. But not if the Bucs are really eying Jones.

I'll keep you posted.....

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