Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two quick 'show notes'

1) I will be appearing on a show hosted by my friend Greg Kellogg of the Fantasy Sports Group on Tuesday. I'll be on for at least a segment, who knows, maybe more and we'll be talking Fantasy Football wide receiver. The show goes from 8pm ET to 9:30PM EST and is fully interactive. Hosted by a site called, you can listen to it live, chat with other listeners or I believe, call in and ask questions. Listen to the whole thing, as I'm not 100% sure when I will be on or for how long, but even when I'm not on, it's good stuff. Also check the FFReport site out when you get a chance.

2) I have - many times - been a guest on the podcast, 'The Audible' hosted by Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom, as well as many staff. Sigmund is off in India retracing Ricky Williams' journey to self-discovery, and Cec has asked me to step in from time to time to help carry the load. So keep an eye on the feed at FBGs and Itunes, and I'll also keep you posted here as those shows happen.

I think that's it - now I can sleep.

ps - Am on my wife's computer to post tonight. It runs vista windows, hence the small font and weird look to the last post. I am not a fan of Vista.

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