Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crabtree to have surgery - will be drafted with 40 sight unseen

Top wide receiver Micheal Crabtree will have surgery on his injured foot on Wednesday. He will be draft with no official 40 time and no work out, as he will most definitely miss Texas Tech's Pro Day.

I have been asked many times in the past week since his injury unfolded, and this only cements my opinions. In fact, if it slipped the last week, his stock just went back up.

My biggest concern was this - in my opinion - unnecessary push to run at his Pro Day. The risk of injury - or running a lousy time - at the Pro Day way outweighed the benefits. The only people clamoring for it were draftniks and certain members of the media. Scouts are not worried about seeing him run. They have their tape, same as I do. THAT'S where his game is and THAT'S what scouts were looking at when he got his buzz in the first place.

Crabtree will now be ready for training camp - and probably be ready for minis and pre-camp workouts.

That's worth a ton to a team as well. Crabtree got himself some excellent advice - being healthy for the season was far more important than showing up for a Pro Day and proving something most scouts already know.

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