Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really? Seriously? Coles signs with the Bengals

I like Laveranues Coles, I really do. But you let Housh go and this guy is the replacement? I guess not really, that ends up in Chad Johnson/Chris Henry/Andre Caldwell's hands.

Coles probably will have a better year with Palmer throwing to him but really, this is a huge step down for the Bengals. And locking him up for 4 years?

If your alleged concern was age, well Housh and Coles are the same age and frankly Housh is twice the receiver Coles is. Coles has great hands and is a tough as nails receiver but he's no TJ. Yes, they saved $15 million in guarentees, a year and a couple million per year. But you have to wonder what they just gave up in ability. Maybe Housh doesn't have that much left in the tank. And the guarenteed money Housh got was likely just too much.

But every day - since they announced that Ced Benson was their top priority - Cinci has felt like they are going backwards.

Coles will do better this year - NFL and Fantasy-wise. But I have to wonder where this franchise is going right now.

And frankly if that OLine doesn't get fixed, it's all moot.

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