Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three Up, Three Down - TO released by Cowboys

Well folks, by the time you East Coasters awaken, we'll know for sure, but it looks like Terrell Owens has finished wearing out his welcome in Dallas and he will have been officially released.

The news broke during a conversation I was having with Jared Faree and Raymond Summerland on What's Your Fantasy show and I said it then - TO was NOT the only problem here, but was the biggest target.

How bad was that locker-room that the Cowboys just cut a huge weapon (leaving them with Roy Williams who has failed multiple times to do before)? That they will eat tremendous cap money? That they will just flat out look foolish?

Where will TO land? The Ravens wanted him once. Braylon Edwards is rumored to be trade bait and expendible though TO isn't Mangini's type. That's off the top of my head. Someone will take their chances. TO was incredibly productive during his Cowboy career. He will land somewhere, likely when someone gets hurt in OTAs or Training Camp. He will be good for a year or so and then maybe ride off into the sunset.

The Cowboys are a mess. They are talking about Felix Jones taking more carries from Barber and returning him to the role he had with Julius Jones. Their WR core is a fat question mark. Trading Anthony Henry away for a second string QB. The coaching is suspect.

What is next for the Cowboys? We'll have to see if the impact amounts to a relaxation of the clubhouse or if it's going to cause more chaos.

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