Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cut Days Are Upon Us

Here in NFL-land, teams have begun cutting the chaff from the wheat - or is it wheat from the chaff? Whatever, dead weight is being expunged today and on Saturday.

Here is a list, compiled from various sources of the teams who have made cuts so far. Special props to jeter23 over at the FBGs Shark Pool who started the template I have based this on pretty much totally.

Bears WR Marcus Monk
Broncos WR Samie Parker, DL Josh Mallard, WR Lorne Sam
Cards WR Jemalle Cornelius, CB Marcus Brown, C Hercules Satele, DL Bryan Robinson
Chiefs LB/FB Oliver Hoyte, DE Trevor Johnson
Colts CB TJ Rushing(#1 punt and kick returner), TE Zac Herold were moved to the IR, RB Clifton Dawson, LB Marcus Richardson, P/K Adam Crossett were cut
Cowboys FB Ronnie Cruz, CB Quincy Butler, QB Jeff Terrell, P Jay Ottovegio, WR Daniel Polk
Falcons DT Trey Lewis to non-football injury reserve list and OL Renardo Foster and of course WR Joe Horn last week
Giants WR DJ Hall, S Craig Dahl, S Miguel Scott, WR Michael Jennings
Jags OL Chris Liwienski, WRs John Broussard, Clyde Edwards, Jeron Harvey, DL Alex Boston
Jets RB Musa Smith, S Ron Girault, RB Rodney Kinlaw, OT Thaddeus Coleman
Lions K Dave Rayner, CB Stephen Howell, LB Tyrone Pruitt, G Carroll Madison, and DE Claude Harriott
Packers RB DeShawn Wynn, RB Ryan Powdrell, WR Chris Francies, OL Ryan Consodine
Panthers QB Lester Ricard, CB Curtis DeLoatch, TE Chris Conklin, DE Casper Brinkley
Raiders S Jarrod Cooper, DL Greg Spires, and LB Grant Irons
Redskins LB Matt Sinclair, S Vernon Fox, WR Burl Toler, DT Babatunde Oshinowo, DE Dorian Smith
Saints FB Kevin Dudley, WR Todd Blythe, S Curome Cox, C Rob Hunt, P Waylon Prather
Steelers WR Jeremy Bloom, QB Mike Potts, DL Martavius Prince
Texans FB Jameel Cook
Titans DT Barry Booker, T Brandon Torrey, WR Chris Davis (WFU), LB Jorge Cordova,
Vikings LB Derrick Pope, WR Daniel Davis, OLs Sean Dumford and Brock Pasteur

Some teams I haven't see cuts for yet include the 49rs, the Bills, the Pats and the Seahawks, though there are many teams still out there to eject people. If you hear of someone I missed or see someone you know wasn't cut, let me know (thunderingblurb@gmail.com) and I will double check and correct if need be.

Will throw out another post tonight with more cuts if I can. Keep track of these guys so you can cut off the Hail Mary picks from late in your draft and make room on your roster. A few names like Musa Smith (Jets) are a minor surprise but most won't even be ones you recognize.

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