Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday in the books

Just wrapped up the Drive Block with Mr. Lammey and Mr. Bloom - check it out to the right shortly or as I always suggest, head to ITunes or and subscribe so you not only don't miss a Drive Block, you don't miss an ep of the good work Cec and Sig do every day on the main Audible show.

Since so many starters didn't play, we'll just do a quick hits thing and get you out of here and on with your morning/evening.

David Carr went 20-29 for 192 yards and 2 TDs. Probably the official #2 in NY, and a standout surprising game it was..... Dolphin Qb Chad Henne went 16-20 for 137 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT, and definitely looks to be the future in Miami, though not one that will arrive this year barrign injury..... Jake Delhomme's backup Matt Moore left the game with an injury to his legs, but reports are that his leg was XRay'd and showed no broken bones. More tests will be done, but the thought is that it is a deep bruise.... Rashard Mendenhall looked good overall in his game, going for 79 yards on 21 carries - but he once again coughed up the ball, something that will get him in the doghouse if he doesn't cut it out.... I haven't been Vikings QB JD Booty's biggest fan but he won't lose his job when Brooks Bollinger looks like he did tonight. booty is still developing - what is Bollinger's excuse?.... Who is behind Crayton in Dallas? Well, not Sam Hurd, who left Thursday's game with an ankle sprain..... Troy Williamson did what he had to do and had a great game (4 catches for 84 yds and a TD) but it's unlikely he will be a huge factor in this team. Meanwhile David Garrard was quoted as saying that this year Matt Jones knows his playbook and he is looking to him to be a go-to guy in the offense.... Rumor is that while Adam Jones is free to play for the Cowboys, one slip and he gets a permanant ejection..... Jesse Chatman put up a combined 180 yards and a TD against the Eagles tonight and while it may have been against guys just trying to make an impression, he did exactly that himself. He's the #3 there and I wouldn't expect more from him, but could be a nice guy to watch in case of injury.....James Hardy had a nice night with a pair of catches for 30 yards. he can still have a shot to contribute if he can be more consistent in his routes.....

That's it for tonight..... see you for a couple of thoughts tomorrow, including some College takes on tonight's games - that Oregon/Stanford game was a heckuva matchup.

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