Saturday, August 30, 2008

More NFL Cuts

Some teams are playing catchup - more than likely I will post a final cuts lst tonight rather than update every hour or so when one or two new guys trickle in.

But the Brown hadn't cut anyone, so I thought I would throw a list out now.

Browns: DE Chase Pittman, RB Travis Thomas, and OLs Derrick Morse and Marvin Philip, TEs Brad Cieslak and Kolomana Kapanui, WRs Lance Leggett and Efrem Hill, CBs A.J. Davis and Jereme Perry, S Travis Key and Brandon Mitchell, LBs Chase Ortiz and David McMillan, DE Melila Purcell, OTs James Lee and Jonathan Palmer, LB Shantee Orr and K Jason Reda

They also IRd G Lennie Friedman.

Steelers: WR Willie Reid and KR Eddie Drummond Saturday - they IRd Charlie Batch.

Interesting side note - the Jets were reported to have released RB Jesse Chatman - but according to , his agent is disputing that report.
"The Jets did not release Jesse Chatman, nor will they," agent Brett Tessler said. "And they are not trying to trade him like another paper reported."
We'll see how this works out - Chatman had a pretty big last game so i was shocked they let him go. If he sticks around he could pouch a couple of goal line carries if Jones can't get the work done initially. I don't think he is a huge threat to Jones' value though.

Also some other quick notes:
Ben Obamanu broke his clavicle in the team's exhibition finale Friday night and could miss the season. The Seattle WR core has been decimated here and it's a tad worrying to see how often these gusy are getting hurt. You have to bump the whole offense's value down several notches and figure Hasselback will struggle early on as he tries to find someone other than Nate Burleson open. Courtney Taylor will now lock up the #2 position going into the season and I really like rookie TE John Carlson as a VERY late TE pick with upside. Don't depend on him but he may get a ton of emergency looks when all the defense is covering Burleson.

Peyton Manning says he's ready to go week 1 - owners can breathe a sigh of relief again.

Ricky Williams is still on top of the RB depth chart in Miami. It's not that Ronnie Brown didn't have a good final game - he did, with 12 carries for 47 yds and a TD as well as 2 catches for 10 yds. But as I have said, they will continue to work him into the line-up and at least for now, Williams is the workhorse. But a 70/30 or even 60/40 split in short order wouldn't shock me.

That's all for now - back to watching college football and I will have more cuts tonight!

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