Monday, August 4, 2008

Midday Training Camp notes

Midday (past that for you Easterners) and no sign of Favre that I have heard about yet.


Here are a few things to keep you up to date:

Denver Broncos
According to, Tony Sheffler has hopped back to #2 tight end on the depth chart and rookie Eddie Royal is directly behind Brandon Marshall on the depth chart. Darrell Jackson is the #2 right now, with Brandon Stokely as #3. What does that mean?

During Marshall's suspension, Royal may see a start or two and may have plenty of fantasy value not just for two weeks but for the season in a very deep benched league. Sheffler will continue to bounce back and probably see plenty of targets as he is close to Cutler. And he will also see a bounce up while Marshall is out. And of course, assuming this all holds true, Jackson is winning the battle with Keary Colbert for starts opposite Marshall.

When you're looking at your wide receiver (and tight end) rankings, keep all that in mind. There may not be a bunch of uber studs there, but there are some good options for your bench and #3 or 4 wrs.

Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals have waived former Auburn running back Kenny Irons, who is still recovering from a torn ACL and by one account by Carlos 'Big C' Holmes in an interview with Cecil and Sigmund on The Audible, had soem bad rehab. It's a shame and I don't know if or where he might catch on - he ain't big and if his speed is gone.....

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chris Simms is now #4 of the depth chart behind Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown and Brian Griese which should slay any doubts you had that Gruden isn't hot on him. Those Dallas trade rumors should have done it for you already. It still may happen. Josh Johnson is #5 and when the only reason you aren't in the basement is that the rookie is there first - that's bad.

Ike Hilliard is the starter opposite Joey Galloway, but don't forget Antonio Bryant. He has every chance to get past Hilliard. But we've heard that before, right?

Washington Redskins
I was involved in a discussion the other night regarding a rookie pick in a Dynasty Experts League I am still doing with the guys over at Jeff Hoffman wanted Devin Thomas, though I was leaning more towards Malcom Kelly. (Actually I wanted Dustin Keller who is tearing up Jets camp, but that's a different discussion). Jeff reminded me that Kelly already had knee issues and 'any time I see a receiver who already has two knee issues, before a snap in the Pros, I stay away' or something like that.

The man had a point, and we went with Devin Thomas, though his hamstring injury was more serious than Kelly's. Unfortunately, Kelly's knee issues trump any hammy and today Kelly is in Birmingham, Alabama having his knees looked at. He could require a scope.

You usually stay away from rookie wide receivers just on principal, but it seems if you have any doubts, Kelly should have taken himself off even your deepest boards. Go with Limas Sweed, James Hardy or the aforementioned Eddie Royal before you think about Kelly....

That''ll be all for now - more tonight to wrap things up, unless something big happens.

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