Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late Tuesday News

Sorry for the silence today - massive computer issues here at Blurb Central. Back though and just in time for the Fantasy Sportswriters Association draft I have scheduled for tonight.

We're back now - although I have to warn you we're on a short week here on the Blurb as I will be traveling Thursday afternoon and in Las Vegas until Sunday night.

I will refer you to the excellent sites listed to the right for news and notes after Thursday.

Plenty to go until then so:

Seattle Seahawks
Matt Hasselbeck returned to practice, only to have his back seize up again midway through the session. He may not see action again in the next preseason game and as much as I like Hass, this and the battered WR core are not instilling confidence.

Miami Dolphins
So of course yesterday there was this crazy rumor being debated about Ronnie Brown being traded, which came out of Chris Mortenson at ESPN. Now, all I remember last year is Mort throwing rumor after rumor out all last year and few panning out. I have been reminded that he 'forged close ties with Parcells at ESPN' but that still doesn't inspire confidence. Especially now that Phins coach Tony Sparano has come out and said there is 'no chance' they trade Brown. I tried to figure out WHY one would trade Brown, and never saw a particular reason that worked for me - clearly neither does Sparano.

Atlanta Falcons
From the 'it's about time column' - The Falcons have finally cut ties with WR Joe Horn who has had his bags packed for several months now. I don't know where he will catch on, but he was just riding pine in Atlanta. Costly, costly mistake by the Falcons who are still paying off his guarenteed money.

Indianapolis Colts
We have a Manning sighting - he was wearing a sleeve on his knee but he showed up at practice. That *sigh* you heard? Tons of Colts fans and Manning owners. Still some confusion as to when he will play but he looks like he will be good to go Week 1.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Jeff Garcia and Joey Galloway returned to practice today. Both might see time in Saturday's tilt with the Jags. Galloway has been ultra productive given the offense and his age. He may be wearing down so he's not more than a #3 or 4 - but a very productive one.

That's all for now - more later tonight and tomorrow morning.

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