Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The NY Favre Fantasy Breakdown

So after mulling it over a few hours here's how I think this affects the Jets Fantasy Prospects:

Pennington:er..... cut.
Clemens:Kellen, bench - bench, Kellen.

Those were the easy ones....

Laveranues Coles: A solid WR2 anyway, I could see him top 1000 yards this year if healthy. He doesn't go too long, and years of crossing routes have started to take their toll, however I still think he will get a lot of targets from Favre and is reliable enough to catch a lot of them (62% last year). If he manages to increase his TD total, he could float into the WR1 range.

Biggest Questions: Will he stay healthy and will Favre click with him?
Biggest Plus: awesome hands, fearless receiver

Jerricho Cotchery: Like Coles, already a #2 WR with potential #1 upside, Cotchery should top 1000 easy, maybe heading towards 1,400 land. And see his TDs increase to boot. If he clicks with The Favre, could take over as #1 for the Jets and the upside there would potentially be huge. He's already the main deep threat for the Jets, so it isn't a reach to think Favre will utilize him as such. He gets tons of targets - if that keeps up, he just became a really interesting Fantasy prospect.

Biggest Questions: Will other WRs/TEs (Keller, Smith, Clowney) eat into his targets and will the Oline jell enough to give Favre the time to hit him deep?
Biggest Plus: Goes deep, gets many targets.

Thomas Jones:Jones is doing cartwheels. This will open the offense a ton and give him room to run. He may even see some catches. I was already calling for a solid bounce baclk season - lock that in there. He should top 1,000 yards if the Oline holds. He seems to be rebounding slower from dings, but has looked good in camp so far.

Biggest Questions: Is age catching up to him and will the O-line hold?
Biggest Plus: Workhorse back who will be depended upon to keep the Jets going while Favre learns the offense.

Leon Washington: The young, dynamic back will see a ton of catches from Favre but how much it will all amount to still depends upon Washington. He makes things happen in space and that's where he coudl excel on a screen, but he won't get much work between the tackles. Could be Westbrook but more than likely will still be watching a lot of Favre from the sidelines. Like him as a bye week guy with upside though.

Biggest Question: Will he get enough touches?
Biggest Plus: Speed and a dynamic playmaking ability.

Chris Baker/Bubba Franks/Dustin Keller: I wonder if Franks had a hand in talking Favre into NY? Well, don't get carried away - Franks is enough past his prime to not have a huge impact and was brought into block. Baker is the immediate recipiant of good Favre Karma - he can do a lot of different things and will be on the field the most. However, don't be shocked if Favre bonds with Keller ala Donald Lee last year. Keller is having a great camp and aside from not being able to block, is making some great catches. He and Baker may cancel each other out but I like Keller to take over somewhere in the midst of this season.

What that means is up in the air until we see what the Jets will do with their TEs.

Biggest Questions: Who will get looks, how will the TEs get used?
Biggest Pluses: Baker can do anything, will get lots of field time, Franks blocks well, knows Favre and Keller is an exciting prospect who can open up the outside in a way the other two can't.

That's all for now - lots to consider before your draft day but the Jets just might have become a good place for some value.

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