Friday, August 1, 2008

Favre rejects Jets, decides to be sourpuss

I'm not saying this as a Jets fan, though you might write it off as sour grapes on my part. Could that be part of it? Maybe. But I think really that I have just had enough of the Favre thing.

'All I want to do is play football,' he says. 'Why don't you all understand?' he pleads. 'The Packers don't want me, then I need to be released so I can find someone who DOES,'he cries.

Unless of course a team who wants him is the Bucs. Or the Jets. Or rather a team not the Vikings.

Enough Brett. Just stop. It's done.

I thought the Pack made a huge misstep when they offered him $20 mill to just go away. I was pretty disappointed and was finally of the mindset that they were being beyond ridiculous.

Maybe Favre was in the right.

But the fact is, Favre only wants one of two things:

To play in Green Bay and be in charge.

Or to play for the Vikings and stick it to Green Bay twice next year. The old 'I told ya so' with a little extra lemon thrown in.

I believed (past tense) Favre wanted to play above all else. I understood not going to the Dolphins. Or Kansas City. Heck, at heart I get not wanting to play for the Jets if he thinks the O-line has too many issues still.

But the statements he made today confirm he just wants to be right. It isn't about football for Favre, not if he can say this to ESPN:

"My intentions have been to play, and with Green Bay. They say no, so I still want to play in this division for obvious reasons, which I made clear to management. If they won’t let me play in Green Bay, let me play against you. That’s where I am."
If they won;t let him play in Green Bay (and I do think he gives them a chance at a Super Bowl that Rodgers doesn't) he wants to stick it to them twice a year.

That's not passion. That's just bitter.

Maybe he has a right to be. But he'll get no more sympathy from me (not that he's gotten a ton, in honesty).

Green Bay has not acted well and has been responsible for a lot of this mess.

But every time they do something that puts me in Favre's camp - amazingly, he finds a way to make me lose sympathy for him.

I can only hope Favre comes to his senses and finds a way to play - after all this drama, after all the times he told us how much he missed it, it would be a waste not to.

Find a way to get traded to another team, Favre. If not the Jets, fine. But don;t get caught up so much in the bitter fued between you and Ted Thompson that you forget why you started this disaster in the first place.


Back with more actual news later.

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