Saturday, December 13, 2008

RB ranking update

First off, thanks to listener/reader Ron Fowler who pointed out to me that Justin Fargas was not ranked on the RB list from last night. This is what happens when you finish things late at night with Robot Chicken in the background.

My apologies. I will re update it HOWEVER I'll just lay it out here for you - and add a rerank on Tashard Choice. I would move him back to about 32/33 - the whole alleged Owens/Witten near-fight has me worried the Cowboys are imploding and Romo might pass a ton to try and placate everyone with or without Barber in. So I'm not hot on Choice - I mean even less than I was before. I know he had a good week last week. I get it. Just really worried about him this week.

I would plug Fargas in at about 30. He's good for yards against a bend but don't break run defense but as the Pats have given up only 7 TDs (4 to Ronnie Brown in one day and three the whole rest of the season) you can't depend upon getting one tomorrow. So figure between 60-80 yards (maybe a little more if the Raiders stay close) - a TD or somethign would be gravy.

Thanks again Ronald - good looking out.

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