Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 14

Some new faces, some guys we've seen before. Some guys heating up....

Matt Schaub - 414yds, 2tds, 1 2pt, 1INT - I never, ever, thought he was going to have this good a game after his layoff. But he sure proved his doubters wrong and should have put to rest the 'Sage is a better QB' talk that has permeated the last month or so. Still mostly a matchup guy, a very good showing.

Matt Ryan - 315/1/1 12pt, 1 rush TD - Ryan has had a phenomenal year and you just have to like this kid if you happen to have drafted him in Dynasty. Or redraft. Or if you are the Falcons. Again, mostly a matchup guy but he has some places he might start for you in the next few weeks. Tampa has shown they can be thrown on and we know that's the easiest way to beat the VIkings. Depending on your bench he might have a shot at helping you win it all.

Jeff Garcia - 321/2 - Is Garcia starting to heat up? Some mediocre outings was starting to make folks think we would see Josh Johnson, but it's likely we'll have to wait until next year on that. Garcia faces Atlanta (OK) this week, San Diego next week for many Championship weeks (good!) and then Oakland (who knows? Might not matter for your league).

Seneca Wallace - 212/3 1 fumble, 47 rush yards - I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him and given my bad back this week, that wouldn't be far. OK, my back is fine, but still - Wallace is risky to start. He does face the Rams which is a great matchup this week, and then the Jets who could be fighting hard for their playoff lives ad can be thrown on. I wouldnt' want to start him but if you face injuries there might be worse matchup-wise.

Peyton Manning - 277/3 - Hey, a familiar face. Manning had a good game this week and is -and should be - a starter regardless of game. What will happen against Detroit this week? Will they run too much? Well, for sure Detroit cannot hang with them in the air, so I suspect Manning will get his regardless.

The Rest - That some of these guys are here and not above should tell you how out of control the top spots were this week....
Philip Rivers - 214/3 & 19 rushing yards - Rivers put on a nice display this week but that oline has him too up and down to be counted on very easily.
Jay Cutler - 286/2/1 & 16 rush yards - Cutler might actually have to throw more and he should be a decent start going forward with the upside of being even better than decent.
Aaron Rodgers - 295/2/1 - Rodgers was very close to being in the top 5 and continues to be a very good start going forward most of the time. Even weather didn't hurt him too much.
Shaun Hill - 285/2/1 - Is he going to be a good start from here on out? I can't believe that but either had an extraordinarily good game or the Jets looked extraordinarily bad. I am a Jets fan - guess where I fall on that one?
Drew Brees - 230/2 - Another sub 300 yard game?!?! THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING! Seriously, Brees looked better Sunday than he did the week prior and is getting the weapons he needs back and healthy. The Saints need to win, so you know he will play hard and while he may not be cracking 300+ each week, he's always a pretty good start.

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