Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Fantasy RBs of Week 13

Brian Westbrook 130/2TDs ground, 2 TDs rec - I can't say which is the real Westbrook. The one who sucked for a month + straight or the one who rocked Arizona. His matchup this week is sucky. He looked Ok, but not great last Thursday. He's still hurt. But off a 9 day layoff? Hard to bench him. Tough, tough matchup vs the Giants in playoff week 1. But can we afford to miss another big game?

DeAngelo Williams 86/4 - I cannot keep him from my lineup. In the leagues I have him in, he has just squeezed out guys like Addai, MJD (even prior to Monday night) and Ronnie Brown, not to mention guys like Larry Johnson, Willie Parker and Jamal Lewis. I don't expect 2, 3, 4 TDs and 100 + yards from him every week - it just keeps happening anyway.

Steve Slaton 182/2 - Rookie Wall, Shnookie Wall. This guy may have had his numbers pumped with 2 late TDs and garbage yards but he's IN there and not getting out. I think he is as reliable as his rookie compatriots Forte and Chris Johnson - and safer than some vets. Slaton may wear down - but when?

Thomas Jones 159/2 -The Jets stopped running him in the second half which makes this total actually pretty amazing. The Jets fell way behind and panicked, offensively speaking, constantly reaching for big plays to turn things around instantly. Jones continues to be a great start though, week to week. They need to ride him harder and while I bring the Jets up, use friggin Leon Washington more.

Chris Johnson 134/2 - I said I expected them to try and get Johnson back on track and boy-howdy. You have to love Peterson against them this week. But I digress. Johnson looks like a great start the next two weeks (Browns and Texans) but a tougher start in the Championship week vs Pittsburgh though at least it's home. Johnson should be back on track though for the next few weeks and that could get you in the Big Game.

LenDale White 106/2 - I love me some LenDale/Hey Kool-Aid White. I figured he could get a TD - maybe 2 - against the horrible Lions and he did that and more. Still, it's the Lions. Expect you have a shot at TDs, but yards? Can't trust him to get them. Browns and Texans make him tasty for the short run though.

Matt Forte 125/1 rec td - Forte keeps on trucking even when the team is behind and losing. he gets yards on the ground, through the air - however he wants it. A stud who faces the Jags, Saints and Packers. Not bad.

Peyton Hillis 129/1 - And all on the ground for Hillis against a normally studly ground defense. As bad as the Jets looked, Hillis looked very nice. Great matchup vs the Chiefs this week but only so so after, facing the Panthers and Bills. Neither great, neither terrible. But the man appears to be able to play.

Adrian Peterson 130/1 - It's a testement to the great RB performances that this looks like less of a good day than it is. Peterson looked great in the game and should look ridonkulous against the Lions, even though they shut him down last time. Still one of the best and still a fantastic back.

Larry Johnson 92/1 - HE LIVES! Larry Boy is back and he might be a viable starter the rest of the way (a RB 2 maybe or flex) seeing the Broncos, Chargers and Dolphins. Not a great run, but not bad and Larry-Boy is playing respectfully the last three weeks. He's helped by the great play of Tyler Pigpen and the offense. Never thought that was going to happen.

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