Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top WR Performances for Week 15

Andre Johnson 11/207/1 - Johnson continues to combine yards and TDs. The last three games have been a successful combo of both and while it's not an easy matchup against Oakland's secondary, clearly they can be beat. Johnson is a must start even if 200+ yards is a rare thing, he's on a roll and you should ride him to a win.

Steve Smith 9/174/1 - Smith is another one who is playing very well right now. He's amassed 100+ yards in four straight games and a TD in each of the last two. He faces a tough matchup in the Giants defense, but like Andre Johnson, you have to be playing him each week. He's too hot not too and has peaked at just the right time.

Calvin Johnson 9/110/1 - 1 fumble - Aside from a bad fumble, Megatron finally got both the targets AND the yards. He's had two games in a row with a TD as well. New Orleans' secondary can be beat and let's face it - in this gunfight, the Saints should come out blazing. It's hard to believe they'll get him that many catches again, but Johnson has been stellar all season long, with only a few true clunkers to his name. He's a guy who is too good to be contained by the defense in most games. And he's too good to to keep out of your fantasy lineup no matter what he faces.

Antonio Bryant 8/108/1- Here he is again. Antonio FREAKING Bryant. I can say that with venom as he escorted me out of one set of playoffs last week. That aside he is hot right now and you should have him playing each week. Is he a bona fide WR1? Probably not - but two straight 100+ yard games and three straight with at least 1 TD? He's hot enough for at a #2 spot. And with confidence no less. Whoda thunk it after the relatively unspectacular season?

Dennis Northcutt 5/136/1 - Is Northcutt the new 'go-to guy' in Jacksonville with Matt Jones finally on time out? Well with Mike Walker pretty much a no show, Jerry Porter on IR and Reggie Williams the other option, he probably is. I can't feel good about recommending him as anything but a WR3 or 4 but he may be the type of late year player worth having in the lineup. But careful - Indy is ranked seventh against the pass with only 5 TDs allowed.

Randy Moss 5/136/1 - A pretty darn good game that normally would have had him near the top of this list - he's essentially tied for 5 on it anyway and I'd recommend him over Northcutt in a heartbeat - but you were already playing him each week right?

Best of the rest -

Hines Ward 8/107 - Ward has been spotty all season long and now is facing a pretty good Titans defense. He should get a lot of short work but don't expect a big game.

Vincent Jackson 6/97/1 - 1 fumble - Another solid game from a guy normally relegated to WR3 or 4 status who probably should be a #2 on many teams by now. Had a rough patch a few weeks back, but seems to have passed it.

Marques Colston 6/84/1 - Still not consistent but should be in the lineup most weeks. While Pierre Thomas may go buck wild on the toothless Lions, Brees is Brees and will throw the ball. I would start Colston as aWR3 or 2 with confidence. However I reserve the right to change my mind as we close on the weekend.

Reggie Wayne 7/104 - Should have another good game against JAX on Thursday. Yes he's been 'meh' this season. But he'll end strong for you in the Championships.

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