Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Game Breakdown - Saints at Bears - Saints Breakdown

New Orleans @ Chicago


Drew Brees – The Bears run D is tougher, the pass D is ranked 28th with 15 TDs given up and an average of 234 yds a game. Now, they have 19 INTs, so you can expect a decent chance Brees turns a ball over but you can also assume that this is where the Saints attack the Bears and Brees will have success.

Reggie Bush – Bush faces a tough defense but the fact that he catches so many balls makes hi ma safer start. It ain’t great but as a RB 2 he should pile up enough yards to give you a good amount of points.

Pierre Thomas – he will get the carries but will he have success. I think as a flex, he might and if Brees is slinging the ball around as much as we think he will, Thomas will have some room on the ground. A shaky start but I think a safe enough one for a flex spot.

Deuce McAllister – McAllister missed practice yesterday due to a death in the family but should be in Chicago with the team tonight. That said, I don’t expect him to be a big part of the plan unless Thomas implodes. So he’s not a safe start tonight at all.

Marques Colston – Colston is starting to re-emerge as a consistent target (12 and 8 targets the last two games) but isn’t holding onto the ball. He should have a good chance in Chicago BUT he has fallen from WR1 status. At this point he should be a WR 2/3 – with huge upside, but potential low game as well.

Lance Moore- He’s NOT getting the targets he was – though still getting about 6 the last three weeks. The last two weeks he has caught less and DONE less than the weeks prior. He could be in for a good day as Brees will throw but with Colston, Bush, Shockey and others there perhaps he is fading back into the background. Might be a WR3, but a 4 or flex is safer.

Jeremy Shockey – Shockey has put in some decent catches the last few weeks but isn’t making a ton of noise. You gotta start him, probably and he’s more consistent than some others. But don’t expect fireworks.

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