Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top WR Performances for Week 14

Here's a list of guys who - for the most part - are VERY UNLIKELY to repeat top 5 success. But they had big weeks nonetheless and if you faced them, they could have contributed to your downfall. It's incredibly frustrating to have a great team, only to lose on a mediocre players one week fantasy binge and purge - but that's the game we both love and loathe.

Antonio Bryant - 9/200/2 - AKA Andrew's Fantasy Death Knell Special. Bryant played out of his mind last night and will not do this again. Don't get me wrong - he will play well - but he won't sniff a day like this again this year and maybe ever. Hope you had him in - he goes back to the WR3 or so he normally tops out as. A PHENOMENAL performance regardless. Games like this is why these lists get posted on Tuesday now. If you faced him, you had a very unpleasant surprise.

Brandon Marshall - 11/91/2 - A great performance by a guy who is often sniffing the top 5 or so in fantasy leagues. Marshall came up big for Cutler multiple times and will be looked upon often to make up for yet another RB injury in the backfield. Could the Rb troubles allow secondaries to double him? Probably not as Royal, Scheffler and other players make teams pay when they do that.

Steve Smith - 9/117/1 - Here is the game we have been hoping to see more of from Steve Smith but has been missing because of the great running game. Smith blew up last night and while Bryant had a monster day, here's a guy who is more consistent and solid than Bryant has ever been. Looking at the numbers you can be blinded by Bryant's big day, but Smith did very well by his owners too.

Kevin Walter - 6/146/1 - Probably the best flex play any owner has at this point, Walter continues to add good yard totals with touchdowns. Schaub played very well (far better than I expected) in his return and Walter didn't miss a beat either.

Wes Welker - 12/134 & 1 2pt conv - Already a PPR monster, Welker had a good day even in standard scoring. A TD would have been nice, but his totals show you why he is always a play.

Best of the rest -
Roddy White - 10/164 - No TDs is a bummer but White continues to be a valid fantasy force. he should do somethign nice for Matt Ryan and Mike Turner.
Vincent Jackson - 5/148/1 - If only he could do this more consistently. Still a good WR3 or 4 most weeks.
Deion Branch - 4/88/2 - Was this because he faced his old team or is he finally healthy and ready to roll? I think somewhere in between. How much does Wallace like him is question 2.
Larry Fitzgerald - 6/73/1 - Boldin had another quiet day while Fitz got yards and TD again. Start him - always.
Calvin Johnson - 3/84/1 - I really wish he would get more than three catches, ever. Just think of what he could do if he had a team that could do that?

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