Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 13

Tony Romo 331/3/1 - 14 rush yds - I said I thought when all was said and done, Romo might be the top guy come Monday morning and he was. He continues to look very good and is peaking right as we hit fantasy playoffs. Couldn't ask for more.

Donovan McNabb 264/4/ - 24 rush yds - McNabb certainly bounced back with a vengeance against a Cards team that really does not travel East well. McNabb should be back on track now, though I will worry about him going forward regardless.

Aaron Rodgers 298/3/1 - 2pt conv, 26 rush yds - Rodgers may be no Brett Favre, but he's played pretty well for most of the season. A little more help from the Oline and a little less locking onto Jennings could help. The Pack is almost done though and that will be how his first year is remembered. Still, a guy who is almost a lock for your startign QB gig.

Jay Cutler 357/2/1 - Just about tore apart the Jets secondary. The oline held for him and he seemed to have all day to not throw towards Jets corner Darrelle Revis. The rest of the Jets secondary was very vulnerable and Cutler - who can be up and down - had a sky-high day in Jersey.

Joe Flacco 280/2 - 15 rush yds - While not as consistent or solid as his rookie comrade Matt Ryan, Flacco has begun to come into his own and is starting to make the passing game relevant again in Baltimore. He has really progressed well this season and while I had my doubts, he has opened my eyes. Could be solid for several years to come as well as great for certain matchups in the Fantasy playoffs.

Kurt Warner - 235/3/3 - Another high yardage game but Warner was pressured a lot by the blitzing Eagles (something I was worried might happen) and turned the ball over three times. He also couldn't overcome a slow start and an early deficit.

Eli Manning 305/1/1, 7yds rushing - No Plax, no problem. Other WRs stepped up and The li had a pretty fair game. Manning has been a little hot and cold, sure, but has been playing well, if not spectacular this year.

Drew Brees 296/2/3 - First time in a long time Brees missed the 300 mark or looked remotely human. A tough outing all round for Brees, who still managed to throw a ton and get two TDs, despite some INTs. Should be fine for the fantasy playoffs.

Matt Ryan 207/2 - An odd place for Ryan, being relegated to 'the other rookie' status for one week. I thought he would take advantage of the streaky Chargers secondary more, but he didn't have to. I was concerned that might be the case, but Ryan will give you better games when the matchup is favorable, Turner or no.

Gus Frerotte 210/1/1 - 1 rush TD - Not really all that impressive although hitting Berrian on that 99 yard pass play was nice. Frerotte is not a guy I am ever really impressed with and you have to wonder what is in store next year. For this year, I don't love him - he is unreliable, prone to bad games and often forgets he has Berrian to throw to.

WRs and Rbs a little later.

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