Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 15

Matt Cassel 218/4/1 (18 yards rushing) - Cassel continues to play very well in Brady's stead and could turn it into cash on the field next season for another team. For your fantasy team he's still a matchups only guy - and note the lack of yards. If you only get 4 pts for TDs, that 4 TD day looks less impressive.

Philip Rivers 346/2/1 - 1 fumble - Rivers - who was robbed today of a Pro Bowl appearence by one of my Jets, The Brett - continues to play hard behidn a slipshod Oline with little or no support from the run game. Rivers has had a few bad games and faces a good Tampa Bay defense, so this weekend may be another down week for him.

Tarvaris Jackson 163/4 - Low yardage totals aren't new but 4 TDs are. Jackson hasn't been spectacular and he's not scaring secondaries to make Peterson's job easier but he has played decently the last few games. I wouldn't have him near my lineup the rest of the way though.

Peyton Manning 318/1 - Manning had a decent game, though short a TD or two. He continues to be a must start again, now that his team has gotten back on track. He should be a very good start against Jacksonville this Thursday.

David Garrard 238/2 (31 yds running) - Garrard has been wildly inconsistent this season (like the Jags whole team) and is running out of wide receievers. I can't say he's an auto-sit, but more often than not, he will be a very risky start.

Best of the rest -
Donovan McNabb 290/2/1 - McNabb is back to form - all it took was a benching. The matchup vs Washington looks shaky but he's on the rise while they are slipping.
Ryan Fitzpatrick 209/1 (29 rush yards, 1 rush TD) - Unexpected appearence by the Harvard QB - I don't expect to see it again. Still too many question marks on the team.
Tony Romo 244/2 - I don't know if I buy the love triangle between he, Witten and TO, but it's not like the drama actually affected him as far as I could see.
Tyler Thigpen 171/1/1 (40 rush yards 1 rush TD)
JaMarcus Russell 242/2/1 - Russell had one of those games you look at and say 'yeah maybe he CAN do it' but it's still not a situation I would trust this week. Maybe Russell will become the Qb the Raiders need him to be - but this team is not in the shape he needs them to be either.

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