Thursday, July 3, 2008

A few notes and have a happy July 4th!

Just did a News and Notes Show on the Audible podcast with Cecil Lammey over at

Should post tonight to tomorrow - I'll post it tomorrow night or Saturday but you can catch it on their ITunes feed or on the fbg site under podcasts. We go over notes from the continuing Brett Favre rumors to the Aqib Talib fight at the rookie symposium to some thoughts on Marshawn Lynch and Reggie Williams and more!

A few other grace notes before I head out (with the caveat I could be back - you never know) -

  • The Cards are reportedly offering linebacker Karlos Dansby a deal somwhere near what Seattle's Lofa Tatupu or Chicago's Lance Briggs (13-18 mill guarenteed and somewhere near 21mill in the first three years) made. According to the Arizona Republic, Dansby wants more like what new Jet Calvin Pace got - about $27 million over the first three years of his contract. The Jets - and this is from a Jets fan - overpaid Price significantly. I think he could be a great addition, but still. And that has set the mark higher for a guy like Dansby than you would normally see. The Cards need to figure how to split the difference and so does Dansby. Of course, they could just Franchise him again and then eventually end up trading or letting him go. But I think both sides should find a way to work it out.
  • Finally, it seems like the NFL has canceled the Supplemental Draft due to lack of interest. In other words - nobody asked to be in it. A lot of the Juniors (or new Seniors) who normally might throw their hat in the ring are going back to school and working towards a better draft slot in 2009.
That's it - enjoy the 4th and check back over the weekend and all next week for more Blurb!

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