Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Ernest Graham Hour

I think a few more notes about Graham in the next few days and he WILL deserve his own show here at the Blurb.

According to PewterReport.com, not only is Graham's overall money lower than expected, but there is absolutely no guaranteed money or Guara as I believe Jeff Ellis of NFL Rants and Raves calls it.

Further, Graham is only making 1.5 million this year (just being a relative term for you and me - and still better than the 605k the former undrafted free agent was scheduled to make this year.

He gets a million dollar bonus if he makes the roster, which he really should. With Caddy still rehabbing and Dunn old, well, Graham is still the main man.

Sure makes you wonder more about those Kevin Jones to Tampa rumors I talked about yesterday though, huh? Maybe they aren't all that sold on Graham.

Small payout, no guarenteed money........

Think about it. I will and I'll keep you posted.

PS - finished up Greg Kellogg's show for FFReport - will post a link of 2 hours of goodness for you all tomorrow.

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