Thursday, July 31, 2008

Morning Favrewatch 2008 report

Hey folks -

We stand upon the edge of the the Favre/Green Bay/Training Camp Hurricane and the news out of Green Bay just gets weirder.

Now I have been largely on the Pack's side - I think frankly both sides have behaved poorly but I really felt that the way Favre has handled it has been worse. And that may still hold true, really. I still feel like he has been acting like a prima dona.

All that said, if this report by the Green Bay Press Gazette is true, then they may be more insane than I gave them credit for.

I get they don't want Favre back. But they also held a lot - maybe not all but MOST - of the cards in this thing, especially from a PR standpoint. But to send Mark Murphy to buy Favre off? You're that desperate? Jeez guys.

Go and talk him into working a trade to a team both of you can be happy with. Go and talk to him about being #2 quarterback in camp (which allegedly they did). Explain to him why he is crazy to think you'll release him to play for a Division rival (something he darn well knows, but just doesn't care about). get that list of teams he wants to go to. Show him yours. Compromise. Buy him lunch and repair that dent I saw in his pickup.

But bribe him? Wow. No wonder Murphy looked so flustered. The moment he said it he knew 1) they had him and 2) Favre or Cooke would leak it to the press.

Assuming this is true, well - game, set and match to Favre. You just blinked Packers.

Friday should be fun. Heck, TODAY could be a real riot.

We'll keep you posted.

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