Friday, July 25, 2008

FavreWatch 2008

I feel like I need to be standing in a downpour with no umbrella, no hat and no jacket discussing flooding - which is a reference only my fellow SoCal folks might get.

With Packers camp a day away, the Packers are allegedly trying to finish the Favre saga (or part 1, as you and I both know this story will never completely go away).

ProFootballTalk is reporting that Jay Glazer at FoxSports is saying that the Tampa Bay Bucs have been given permission to talk to his Favreness to work out a trade. This comes on the heels of an earlier ESPN report that my beloved Jets were given permission to talk to him.

It seems like the Packers are trying their best to work this out prior to tomorrow and it comes down to this - does Brett want to play or play for the Packers? If he wants to play and (aside from contending) doesn't care where, we'll see a trade I think sometime in the next week or so. If he wants to remain a Packer though - and he might - all he needs to do is show up in camp and play like he did in 2007.

Of course, that's a mess for the Pack, no doubt, but that's kinda where it stands. If Favre really is the complete prima donna he has appeared to be at many moments in this ridiculous mess, then he could go to camp, sulk and try to make them release him or make a stupid trade to somewhere like the Vikes. I'm hoping that isn't the case and the last few weeks are merely a bunch of bad moves by someone who has let his passion run away with him.

As for the Bucs vs the Jets -

Favre would certainly pick up the Tampa offense a little quicker, though the West Coast the Jets run wouldn't be a stretch. HC Mangini says he's happy with the QBs on their roster yada yada but 1) that's coachspeak and is worth less than the current value of the US Dollar and 2) he's on the hotseat, the Jets spent LOADs of cash to win now so 3) they would LOVE to have Favre. As much as it would screw with the Clemens/Pennington Debate - I think they would care. They can sort that out next year in a way I think the packers don't feel they can.

Tampa Bay would be good as well, and not just for the aforementioned ability for Favre to get the offense quick. While the recievers aren't as good (aside from Galloway - I'll put Coles/Cotchery against any Bucs combo) Gruden works magic with older QBs. He could be very successful there if the Oline holds together (you could say that last part abotu the Jets as well). He could mentor Josh Johnson as I think he's a few years away from playing, although we've seen how that worked out in Green Bay.

I think either of these would be a very good fit and I think if Brett wants to play - and wants to gracefully exit the mess he has created most of - he should work things out with one of those teams.

And soon.

Join us again later for BRETTWATCH!
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