Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FavreWatch 2008

Well, I thought I was done tonight but I guess not.

ProFootballTalk is reporting that New Packers president Mark Murphy is heading to Mississippi to ask Favre NOT to come to camp when he is reinstated - this according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

The article is a bit of conjecture in certain instances - and frankly has a severe editorial slant. I would say the Press-Gazette is on the 'Bring Brett Back' bandwagon. So I'm not sure I totally trust their take on things.

As the article states, Favre won't be reinstated until tomorrow at best (Wednesday), the team is not practicing Thursday so Friday is the earliest the Favrenator can show up - I think there could be a few more explanations.

Now I don't have an unnamed source, but I do have my brain here, so let's use it.

Murphy could:
  1. Try to talk Brett into staying retired - it wouldn't work but everyone on both sides is so delusional, I can believe anything....
  2. Try to talk Brett into a trade - be it Jets, Bucs or any other place. Maybe even just to talk a list out of him, something Favre won't provide....
  3. Talk to him about how the Qb battle could go if he shows up....
  4. Tell him he is, without doubt, the backup. And he'd better be ok with it....
Now why not call with these things? Because one thing Favre has complained about is a lack of being wanted on the packers part. A lack of that 'hands on' I guess Brett used to get at some point long ago. Now, when Ted Thompson was going to fly out and welcome him back in March, that must have been a mirage, so we can discount that.

Fact is, any team official SHOULD fly down and talk to Favre. First off, he needs it, clearly. Guys like him need some soft handling sometimes -no right or wrong in it - just a fact. Second, he deserves it. Listen - this text messaging/voice mail crap is teenaged BS - on both sides. Someone needs to go down and work this out with Brett or pull him into an office when he returns. These are adults, not pimply faced teens breaking up with each other over email.

Regardless, I can think of multiple reasons why Murphy is flying down there. Maybe he's going exactly for the reason the Gazette claims. If he is, Brett will tell us about it for sure.

But let's not assume it's the only thing he can achieve down there in Mississippi.

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