Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Favre vs the Energizer Bunny - who wins?

Ho Ho Holy Schniekies.

So ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting that Brett Favre is once again thinking about playing. This follows this notice on former NFL Personnel guy Mike Lombardi's blog about the same thing.

If it were just ESPN, I might raise an eyebrow and take a wait and see attitude. I mean, ESPN has it's hooks into a lot of things, but sometimes they tend to throw stuff against the wall to see if it sticks - or at least that's how it felt a lot of last season.

But backed by Lombardi (or actually following in the wake of Lombardi's post) who has some tremendous links to the NFL still, I have to give it more credence.

And is it a shock? It took Favre years to actually make a decision to retire. Of course it follows he's still not sure.

My 3 year old is more decisive when it comes down to it. And I don't mean that completely snarky. It's just that Favre really doesn't know what he wants and hasn't for years.

Now, as others have pointed out, this is a really sticky wicket, if true. The Packers own the rights to Favre, and if he comes back he's theirs. But do they want to move on anyway? I mean, how long has Rodgers waited? And now he seems to be ready and Favre comes back?

The fans would likely want Favre. The coaching staff might as well. The players... that's a tough call but would it be a shock if they preferred the known quantity over the unknown?

What a mess. You know, I respect Favre. Heckuva player, seems to be a heckuva guy. But he needs to get himself together. I thought it was pretty unfair how long he would drag this out every single off-season for years to begin with.

I think this is even more unfair than that. I respect that he still has the desire. That's great. I just regret that the whole team keeps having to get wrung out every time Favre changes his mind.

We'll keep you posted....

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