Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brett Favre Soapbox Time

So I just need to get this off my chest and, well, that's part of what this blog is for.

Let me start off by declaring several things -
  1. Brett Favre is a great quarterback who can still bring it every weekend.
  2. The Packers are closer to winning a Super Bowl with him at the helm.
  3. I'm sick of all the beating on Aaron Rodgers.
Listen, I get how much the media wants Favre back. And I agree that Aaron Rodgers is unproven. But enough is enough.

Cheer for the Pack to take Brett Back all you want, but lay off Rodgers.

It's not his fault Favre has played so well that Rodgers has sniffed all of three games. It is also not his fault that Favre is usually so healthy that again, he's seen significant action only a handful of times.

Yes, he's had two freaky injuries. Yes, he doesn't have Favre's arm.

Yes, Rodgers is monumentally unproven and the momentum he has is hinging on one excellent half of football against Dallas last season.

But enough is enough.

The fact is - as has been pointed out - we don't know enough about what kind of QB Rodgers is. But again, it's not his fault that's the case. Heck, even Steve Young saw some time before he took over for Joe Montana. Rodgers hasn't had that chance.

And don't throw Brian Brohm at me as a case for 'Rodgers clearly doesn't have the confidence of the organization'. They drafted Brohm becuase they had NO BACKUP. They did not address the back-up quarterback situation with a vet and they needed someone.

Could Brohm also step in long term? Sure. He could take over if Rodgers continues to be consistently inconsistent. But I don't think that Brohm being drafted means Rodgers is out. I don't believe it damns Rodgers as expendible.

Again, I think in a vacuum, Favre at quarterback is the best hope for the Pack to win a Championship. And if he wants back they really need to talk to him.

But some writers out there are making it seem like Rodgers is twirling his moustache and laughing while saying 'You're finished Brett Favre - this is MY TEAM NOW!' I'm pretty sure at this point he would just like to know if he has his job or not and if Favre will ever make a permanant decision.

You don't need to make your case for Favre's return by trashing Rodgers at every turn. All you really need to do is point at Favre's career.

That makes the case all by itself.

I'll be back to tell you why I think the Packers are having such a hard time with this another time.

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