Friday, December 5, 2008

Starcap Players suspension lifted by federal judge

Looks like it ain't over - which isn't surprising.

According to many reports, a federal judge ruled that the NFL cannot suspend Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, Will Smith, Duece McAllister, Charles Grant, or Bryan Pittman for violating the league's anti-doping policy.

It boils down to this, and I cannot argue with it - the NFL didn't do what they needed to do which is to let the players know that the StarCaps substance they took that contained potentially performance-enhancing elements. The Players Association and the judge are asking (as should we) - if the NFL didn't do their job, how can the players be expected to know what was in those caps?

This isn't the final word on it, but it looks as though all the players will be available for play Sunday save Grant who is on injured reserve (although this means he could get paid, something that wouldn't have happened if he served his suspension while on the IR).

I never was sold on Kevin Smith as a good start anyway this weekend but you can completely wipe him off most of your boards. Pierre Thomas may see some carries reduced, but I think he still gets more than McAllister.

Two side notes:
1) Amazing how fast THIS gets moved into and through Federal and State Courts while many other motions and cases are stuck in the red tape. I'm not saying,but I am just saying.

2) Remember how people were losing their minds over the touchdown Pittsburgh had against the Chargers that was called back? All the people talking about how it was such a black eye for the league? Has anyone even thought about that in the last few weeks since this broke? No, and me neither. Something 'more serious' always comes along.

And we'll forget this when it's done too, though I would say screwing up your own anti-steroid policy is much worse than a terrible call at the end of a game, don't you?

Again, I'm just saying.

Back with Rb ranks soon.

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