Monday, October 13, 2008

Hasselbeck OUT/Palmer OUT Week 7

According to the Tacoma News Tribue - Matt Hasselbeck is out due to a bulging disc in his back. The hyperextended knee is not a huge factor - though it is a worry. Still, this was not on anyone's radar and is bad news. They have sent him to a specialist in Los Angeles where he will rehab and try to get back for week 8.

Not good news for folks though Seneca Wallace will probably take over for Charlie Frye.

Remember when Frye was the starter in Cleveland? Ugh.

Carson Palmer has not talked to Marvin Lewis since he met with the Mets' doctor (as I mentioned on the morning Stampede) but has already ruled him out. Apparently the doctors recommended a conservative approach with Carson's elbow. Which leaves Ryan Fitzpatrick in charge against the Steelers..... him and his not-strong-enough-to-air-it-out arm.

Yeeeaaaaaahh........... Do I need to warn you off about everyone on Cinci this week?

More as it comes in - WR performers tonight during the game.

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