Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Fantasy RBs of Week 5

Can we dispense with the 'what about Ahman Green' emails now? Steve Slaton is 'the guy' there.While not a sure-fire-can't-bench-stud yet, he's a damned fine RB2, in some cases flirting with RB 1 and the job is his in Houston. Green looked good at first but Slaton had a huge second half and got goal line looks. How many people had DeAngelo Williams playing? Me neither but some of you did as a bye week filler, so great timing, huh? You won't see a lot of these games from him but we know he has skill. Brandon Jacobs and Clinton Portis (along with Slaton) are some of the best RB draft values this year. Portis is always overlooked in the first round and Jabcobs had the threat of 'hot hand' RBBC but that hasn't happened.

Oh yeah - and Ronnie 'Wildcat' Brown is looking like a steal in the mid rounds, huh? Can someone explain to me why two decent defenses looked like Pee-Wee kids on that formation? Brown was a stud before he went down last year, so this isn't a huge shock.

Where is Tomlinson? Icing his toe, I hope....

Will Peterson bump Slaton off the list tonight? I wouldn't be shocked.

  1. DeAngelo Williams - 148 combined yards, 3 TDs (1 recieving, 2 rushing), 1 catch
  2. Brandon Jacobs - 145 combined yards, 2 TDs, 1 catch
  3. Clinton Portis - 158 combined yards, 1TD, 2 catches
  4. Ronnie Brown - 133 combined yards, 1 TD, 1 catch
  5. Steve Slaton - 96 combined yards, 2 Tds, 1 catch

Just missing the list - Michael Turner's 121 yards and a score is making his owners happy today as are those who had Kevin Faulk in to cover bye week issues (only 61 yards but 2 TDs), Felix Jones (103 combined yards and 1 TD) or Matt Forte (61 yards and 2 TDs, 1 through the air).

Amazing how many rookies have produced this year. I wonder if the RBBC pairings we are seeing has opened up some non-traditional opportunities this year. Would we have seen Jones much in a traditional stud back system? Chris Johnson?

Makes you want to pay very close attention to the NFL draft, huh?

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