Friday, October 10, 2008

QB Rankings for Week 6

We're a little pressed for time to get these out this week.

Kurt Warner may look like he has a poor matchup but the Cowboys' secondary is not that good right now - and expect Warner to have to throw a lot to keep up with the Dallas offense.... Drew Brees could get one of his weapons back if Marques Colston comes back, but even without him, Brees should approach and/or surpass 300 this week again...... Back to Dallas, I expect Tony Romo to have a pretty big field day this week against a questionable secondary with Arizona....... The Jags should keep some pressure up on Jay Cutler, but he, Brandon Marshall and Brandon Stokley should put up some good numbers as the Jags secondary is also middling....... Jason Campbell doesn't have a ton of huge games but I think he will this weekend against a sliding Rams team. Could even devolve into a shootout with Washington's injuries to their defense.......

On the flip side, Carson Palmer will not start against the Jets so expect them to pressure Ryan Fitzpatrick into some mistakes and watch Darrelle Revis and Dwight Lowery have good days..... Neither QB for the Lions are on the list in part because I have no clue who will be playing and frankly don't think it matters.....

  1. Kurt Warner, Cardinals vs. Cowboys
  2. Drew Brees, Saints vs. Raiders
  3. Tony Romo, Cowboys at Cardinals
  4. Jay Cutler, Broncos vs. Jaguars
  5. Jason Campbell, Redskins vs. Rams
  6. Donovan McNabb, Eagles at 49ers
  7. Brett Favre, Jets vs. Bengals
  8. Aaron Rodgers, Packers at Seahawks
  9. Eli Manning, Giants at Browns
  10. Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Patriots
  11. Peyton Manning, Colts vs. Ravens
  12. David Garrard, Jaguars at Broncos
  13. Jake Delhomme, Panthers at Buccaneers
  14. Kyle Orton, Bears at Falcons
  15. Matt Schaub, Texans vs. Dolphins
  16. Gus Frerotte, Vikings vs. Lions
  17. Chad Pennington, Dolphins at Texans
  18. Marc Bulger, Rams at Redskins
  19. J.T. O’Sullivan, 49ers vs. Eagles
  20. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs. Packers
  21. JaMarcus Russell, Raiders at Saints
  22. Matt Cassel, Patriots at Chargers
  23. Matt Ryan, Falcons vs. Bears
  24. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers vs. Panthers
  25. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bengals at Jets
  26. Derek Anderson, Browns vs. Giants
  27. Joe Flacco, Ravens at Colts

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