Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top RB Performances for Week 8

Brian Westbrook -209 total yards, 6 catches, 2TDs - It's not that I didn't think Westy was a good start - but there were so many great matchups, I didn't expect him to have the day he did. yet here he is, proving once again that you cannot bench him. Amazingly 167 was on the ground. People write him off as a guy who catches more than runs, but folks, those people are wrong. Another great matchup against Seattle this week.

LaDainian Tomlinson - 170 total yards, 5 catches, 1 rec TD - Guess who's back? LT is healthy and I fully expected him to go off on the Saints. He did most of his damage (about 90 yards of it) in the first half - imagine if the Chargers hadn't once again dug themselves a hole again and started passing to keep up? LT is back folks and now has two weeks off to get even healthier. He looked like his old self, with burst and crisp cuts. As a LT owner, you should be excited for the rest of the season.

Leon Washington - 101 total yards, 1 TD, 3 catches, 1 rec TD -I had a Jets RB ranked highly. Just not this one. And it only makes the Jets bizarre play calling more painful. Because I thought Washington might be a good play (ranked him 21st) but how can you run just 24 times against the worst run defense in the league? And throw 40 times! it's almost as if Mangini And Schottenheimer were like 'hey they'll NEVER expect this!'. It was Monty Pythonesque - 'NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition - I mean 40 passes!'. Poor playcalling aside, this is what Washington brings to the table folks - shifty moves, a dangerous runner in the open field and a good pass catcher. You can't rely on this every week - especially with such counter-intuitive playcalling. But he's a decent flex when the matcup is right. Don't know why Thomas Jones couldn't get more done (14 carries, 60 total yards, 1 TD) but maybe he just never had a chance to get a rhythm going.....

Frank Gore - 159 total yards, 7 catches - Preseason, many people (experts included) were blowing Gore off as a guy who would disappear with Martz and a woeful Oline. I was not one of those - in fact I said he would get it done regardless. Martz is no dummy (well, ok, maybe) and Nolan - and now Singletary - know who the engine of this offense is. Gore is a factor both on the ground and in the pass game. He is a first rate stud and can get it done almost regardless of the weapons around him. He'll have some rough patches but wire to wire, he's worth the draft pick.

Kevin Faulk - 107 total yards, 4 catches, 1 rec TD - Where did BenJarvus go? He was running the ball and then just stopped. He wasn't cutting all that well and I think eventually they just went with the proven guy, Kevin Faulk. The Pats didn't run a ton and they threw some passes Faulk's way - again, he's the Vet and even if BJGE can catch, Faulk will get the work as he is proven and they already have one unproven starter in a key slot. Will this continue? Not sure, but Faulk, as long as everyone else is hurt, is a good flex play depending upon matchup. Even better in a PPR league.

Honorable Mention - Leonard Weaver - Honorable Mention for his 129 yds on 4 catches and 2 TDs. More WR than RB though - don't get suckered into it. His TDs were long receptions and against a better playing D, never would have gone the distance. The Seattle run game was atrocious and I don't know that they will keep throwing to Weaver. Shaky waiver wire prospect.

Also -
DeAngelo Williams (123 total yards, 2 catches 1 TD) continues to hold off J Stewart. I feel like I have read this book before..... Chris Johnson (96 total yards, 1 TD) and LenDale White (14 total yards, 2 TDs) didn't blow up Indy, but they were good plays. Yes, you read that right - 14 total yards for White. And that's why I said during the Stampede you might want to sell him high.... By the way - Chris Johnson is amazing to watch - he looks good out there...... Jamal Lewis (88 total yards, 1 TD) continues to get it done regardless of help from the supporting cast. He's the most reliable guy in the whole offense - fantasywise or not..... Dis Mah Son aka Marshawn Lych (95 total yards, 5 catches, 1 TD) finally got some use in the passing game. I don't know about you, but I was wondering if the Bills had too much Fred Jackson in their eyes and forgot Lynch can catch the ball....

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