Friday, October 10, 2008

RB Rankings for Week 6

You might notice Adrian Peterson tops two lists of mine this week - I expect great things from you AP! Terrible things (for Lions fans) to be sure - but great!..... Clinton Portis will finally see both good yards and end zone celebrations in this game, even if it develops into the shootout some are predicting, Portis will get a ton of looks......Ronnie Brown: Fact Or Fiction, and we'll get a good look at that against the Texans this week. Let's see if a) the Wildcat still works and b) he can run if it doesn't. Somebody has to stop it, right?.......Frank Gore - even against a tough D - is a must start. The Eagles aren't looking like they are as tough as their ranking is....Marion Barber worked hard against a surprisingly stout middle of the field run defense. The Cards stopped Thomas Jones in New York and thwarted Marshawn Lynch, but the Dallas offense will not be stopped through the air, so Barber will have plenty of carries as well and probably the lead to protect.....

Also take note of Matt Forté, Steve Slaton and LeRon McClain - all have good matchups and should produce. This should also be one of Maurice Jones-Drew's best games yet and I think the start of a much better season for him.

Running backs

  1. Adrian Peterson, Vikings vs. Lions
  2. Clinton Portis, Redskins vs. Rams
  3. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins at Texans
  4. Frank Gore, 49ers vs. Eagles
  5. Marion Barber, Cowboys at Cardinals
  6. Brandon Jacobs, Giants at Browns
  7. Reggie Bush, Saints vs. Raiders
  8. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers vs. Patriots
  9. Matt Forté, Bears at Falcons
  10. Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars at Broncos
  11. Correll Buckhalter, Eagles at 49ers
  12. Steve Slaton, Texans vs. Dolphins
  13. Steven Jackson, Rams at Redskins
  14. Michael Turner, Falcons vs. Bears
  15. Thomas Jones, Jets vs. Bengals
  16. Earnest Graham, Buccaneers vs. Panthers
  17. Julius Jones, Seahawks vs. Packers
  18. Le’Ron McClain, Ravens at Colts
  19. Edgerrin James, Cardinals vs. Cowboys
  20. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers at Buccaneers
  21. DeAngelo Williams, Panthers at Buccaneers
  22. Ryan Grant, Packers at Seahawks
  23. Joseph Addai, Colts vs. Ravens
  24. Fred Taylor, Jaguars at Broncos
  25. Felix Jones, Cowboys at Cardinals
  26. Michael Pittman, Broncos vs. Jaguars
  27. Jamal Lewis, Browns vs. Giants
  28. Willis McGahee, Ravens at Colts
  29. Tim Hightower, Cardinals vs. Cowboys
  30. Justin Fargas, Raiders at Saints
  31. Michael Bush, Raiders at Saints
  32. Laurence Maroney, Patriots at Chargers
  33. Warrick Dunn, Buccaneers vs. Panthers
  34. Deuce McAllister, Saints vs. Raiders
  35. Darren McFadden, Raiders at Saints

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