Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning NFL Update The First

Brian Westbrook - Active today, start him against a Redskin defense that just announced two more players inactive today (CB Shawn Springs, LB Marcus Washington).

Charles Tillman - will be playing today and that makes life a little more worrisome for Kitna owners.

Aaron Rodgers - will be playing. If you have another good matchup, I am still worried about him surviving the game, so consider using them instead. Earlier this week, sources said the Packers were concerned the injury would threaten his season.

Carson Palmer - he's allegedly determined to play, but like Rodgers (only even moreso) he's not a sure bet to finish the game. Worse, Dallas will make it a long day for the hapless Bengals. Unlike with Rodgers, there is no doubt - use someone else.

Willis McGahee - This week's Official Thundering Blurb Mr. Glass is reportedly so bruised and banged up, he may not make it through the game according to John Clayton. Against that defense? Avoid unless you are in a huge bind, he's a bad play.

More as the morning progresses....

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