Monday, October 13, 2008

Top WRs for Week 6

Here's the WR list for this week - sorry it took so long to get out. Family, what can ya do? But at least I got to add in Braylon Edwards - he hasn't had a lot of stuff to celebrate and I know he will sleep better seeing his name here. Or maybe not, but I feel better..... :)

Andre Johnson - 178 yds combined, 1 TD, 10 catches, 1 fumble - A companion break-out game to last week's against the colts, Johnson is feeding off Matt Schaub's resurgence as aviable fantasy QB. It's been a shaky year so far but the next two matchups (against Detroit and Cinci) look good. Detroit shit Peterson down and Berrian (see below) blew up in their faces. Johnson should do the same if not better.

Braylon Edwards - 154 yds combined, 1 TD, 1 2pt conv, 5 catches - The good thing about doing this so late Monday night (unless you count the fact that my brain thinks it's 11:17pm and the clock says 2:17am) is I get to sneak in Edwards who finally held on to the ball for a game more in line with what he have hoped for all season long. I am interested to see what his targets to catches percentage is but except for a catch that went through his hands and off his helmet (drops stil lplagued Anderson - his receivers all did it) he looked focused and good. Skins, Jags and Ravens are much tougher foes so we'll see if he can still continue his streak of two good games.

Roddy White - 112 yds combined, 1 TD, 9 catches - Been a long time coming but White finally has a good QB and is making his mark as a top fantasy WR. Three very good games this season, two fair ones and donuts is a nice streak for White. In some leagues this guy is a top five WR - in just about every league he's got to be in the top ten. As long as Ryan continues to play at a good clip, White will be a fair source of fantasy income for owners.

Reggie Wayne - 118 yds combined, 1 TD, 8 catches - Wayne got plenty of points, even though Marvin Harrison got two TDs. Wayne looked good as the Colts woke up and spanked the Ravens senseless and he will be a top option from here on out. If you were able to prey upon a worried Wayne owner - or if you are one - you will probably have nothing to worry about going forward. Even when Manning stunk, Wayne was still a top option most weeks. Guess what? Manning looks like he's back.

Bernard Berrian - 134 yds combined, 1 TD, 5 catches - Is Berrian the real deal? Can he stay healthy? Will Frerrotte be able to find him and reach him regularly? What the hell is up with Peterson? Well, if the answer to the first three ends up beaing yes, the fourth answer will be 'he's about to bounce back'. I still say Peterson could be one of the - if not THE - top fantasy back going forward but Berrian is a huge factor in that. Berrian looked good on Sunday, got the seperation he hasn't been able to get so far and made some big catches. He wasn't perfect but if Frerrotte keeps hitting him, Ds will have to stop selling out to stop Peterson and both Berrian and AP will benefit. I like Berrian and I think he will be a good WR2 most weeks but I need a couple more consistent games (injury-free I might add) before I crown him a consistent play.

Just missed - Vincent Jackson (5-134-1) who will be better than good until Chambers is back, Steve Breaston (8-102-1) who may have had his swan song as Boldin may be back, the aforementioned Marvin Harrison (3-83-2) whose numbers look less impressive without those TDs, Steve Smith (6-112) who I am still waiting to pop and Greg Jennings (5-84-1) who looked pretty good even without big numbers and will have more big games than not.

That's it for Monday - see ya'll on the Stampede tomorrow at 9am PST/noon EST.

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