Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 20 RBs Forward preface

Here we go - a few notes first however.

This is not an end-all, be-all list. In other words, if you see player A ahead of player B, it is not always the case you should start A ahead of B. Matchups, ability and changing offensive and defensive woes apply.

In order to compile this list, aside from copious amounts of reading and player news and evaluation, I resourced the following streams of data and articles to gather data. I used for their take on strength of schedules - let me be frank: I disagree pretty strongly in places. I'm not analyzing their analysis at all, please don't take it that way. But I will say I disagree with some of the takes on which teams are strong and which aren't against the run. Still, it was an invaluable base to start from. Also,'s rankings of team Ds against the run. I use this A LOT when I do rankings and other stuff, as well as setting my lineups. It helps to know that the Jets are tough on the run right now, but frequently cough up TDs even if they are stingy on the yards.

I also listened to a lot of podcasts, mostl on BlogTalkRadio - it really helps me get my perspective to hear takes other people have. Again, I may disagree with the other hosts but it always makes me re-evaluate my stand and make sure my thoughts are well supported. Along with the Fantasy Sports Channel on BTR, I also listened to NFL Rants and Raves and The Extra Points podcast, as well as tuning into the 'mainstream' ESPN and NFLN stuff both on the air and on TV. For the same reasons and in some cases, to amuse myself.

I read everything Adam Shefter did - he's really on the ball in my opinion. With him on parental leave, Steve Wyche has been good . NFL Team cam is a great place to hear players talk. And I scoured beat writer blogs and articles to hear insite as to what is happening in practices.

I took all this stuff, made my list, questioned my list, expanded my list and can tell you one thing absolutely:

This list will change. All it will take is:
The Rams to start playing like they care.
One major injury to the Minny Oline.
Miami's Wildcat getting owned several weeks in a row.
The further descent of the Chiefs offense into the abyss.

That's not even a partial list. I have a feeling we may have a ton of discussion on this topic throughout the seaon. I will certainly update this and think about it constantly, and let you know if someone makes a major move.

Based on the data we have now though here's the list - I will post in fives - so your eyes are not strained.

15-20 coming up momentarily.

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