Monday, October 6, 2008

Westbrook Week 6 Status in doubt

Hey folks,

Thins morning on The Daily Stampede I mentioned Eagle RB Brian Westbrook's chest injury and reported his ribs were fractured. According to , it's not even that pleasant. Apparently his ribs aren't fractured - they're broken and Coach Andy Reid seems to feel his Week 6 is now in doubt.

As much as I love Westbrook and what he can do for your fantasy lineup, I hope they rule him out early this week. The Eagles really need a win against San Fran in week 6 though, so I doubt we'll be that lucky. They will do all they can to get one of their best weapons in the game.

We saw the offense was much better with Westy than without.

will keep you posted.


munchkin said...

This team has to be able to beat an average team without their best playmaker. The defense and McNabb need to step up. I would hate to see them risk further injury to Westbrook. Let the guy sit out until after their bye. The ribs will not be healed by then but the team needs to prove their mettle in a very tough division.

Andrew Garda said...

I agree Munchkin - I think I (and many Westbrook owners and Philly fans) would rather see Westy sit a few weeks. Long term for the season, it would be better for him - playing runs too much of a risk to hurt him further and they will need him the rest of the way.