Friday, October 24, 2008

WR Rankings for Week 8

Am listening to the Fantasy Sports Channel on as I type this, something I don't get a ton of time to do lately. Do like to listen to the other folks on the channel and see what else folks are thinking out there.

Again, as I said on There It Is this morning (ESPN 1230 on your Bakersfield AM dial) Andre Johnson is a no-brainer here. Yes, I know he can't find the end zone right now, but I think we're looking at a change this week. The Bengals are tied with 10 TDs given up against the pass so far. While they are not awful against the pass, they do give up the scores. And it will be all they can do to stop the run game, thereby opening things up for the pass. Johnson will have a good game here, even if the run is going off.

Yes, Anquan Boldin appears poised to re-emerge and yes Carolina is very good versus the pass, but I still believe Larry Fitzgerald will play well this weekend - in fact, Boldin may make life better for Fitzgerald. He's enough of a threat to draw coverage from Fitz regardless of health. And as much as I think Breaston will not be as much of a factor as he has been, he will be a threat as well. You can't cover them all and I think Fitz will find plenty of room to move.

Steve Smith is the flipside of this matchup between the Cards and Panthers and while I think the Cards will keep Delhomme hopping (one of the teams with the most sacks vs one of the teams who doesn't give them up) Smith will get open against Arizona's questionable secondary.

Clinton Portis will get the ball a lot sure, but expect Santana Moss to see the ball a lot too. The Lions are poor in both aspects of the defense - in every way. They have given up the second most TDs (11) and have only 1 INT this year. Moss might get held back by Portis' success but frankly I think they use the pass early then burn clock with the run the rest of the game. That's good for Santana. And as I said in the QB post - if Orlovsky finds Furrey and Calvin Johnson, you might see the Skins throw more than we expect.

Finally we have Lee Evans. Like I have said a few times this week, Lee Evans and Calvin Johnson have similiar issues - neither is getting the ball enough. Difference is, Evans has a decent Qb and a good team around him. Miami is 27th against the pass and also loves to give TDs up. Evans will get yards and a TD - but how many passes will he get? I think more than average. They HAVE to get him the ball. Regardless, I think he can break one long even if it's out of two catches.

Jets update - Coles is probable and Cotchery is questionable and a GTD. At this point you have to be a little worried if you are a Cotchery owner as you have to know they can win this without him. They may rest him or play him and then not use him much - they can just run Thomas Jones and Leon Washington all day against a pathetic run D. It's too good a matchup to bench either one - they could very well go off. I'm just saying I am worried.

I extended the usual top 35 or so, because we have so many injury issues and question marks. Guys like Camirillo, Stuckey and a reminder that Steve Breaston exists seemed to be necessary this week.

Wide receivers

  1. Andre Johnson, Texans vs. Bengals
  2. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals at Panthers
  3. Steve Smith, Panthers vs. Cardinals
  4. Santana Moss, Redskins at Lions
  5. Lee Evans, Bills at Dolphins
  6. Reggie Wayne, Colts at Titans
  7. Randy Moss, Patriots vs. Rams
  8. Calvin Johnson, Lions vs. Redskins
  9. Plaxico Burress, Giants at Steelers
  10. Hines Ward, Steelers vs. Giants
  11. Terrell Owens, Cowboys vs. Buccaneers
  12. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals at Panthers
  13. Braylon Edwards, Browns at Jaguars
  14. Wes Welker, Patriots vs. Rams
  15. Roddy White, Falcons at Eagles
  16. Antwaan Randle El, Redskins at Lions
  17. Matt Jones, Jaguars vs. Browns
  18. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Bengals at Texans
  19. Vincent Jackson, Chargers at Saints
  20. Jerricho Cotchery, Jets vs. Chiefs (QUESTIONABLE)
  21. Laveranues Coles, Jets vs. Chiefs (PROBABLE)
  22. Antonio Bryant, Buccaneers at Cowboys
  23. Marques Colston, Saints vs. Chargers
  24. Devery Henderson, Saints vs. Chargers
  25. Muhsin Muhammad, Panthers vs. Cardinals
  26. DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs. Falcons
  27. Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs at Jets
  28. Derrick Mason, Ravens vs. Raiders
  29. Chris Chambers, Chargers vs. Saints
  30. Kevin Curtis, Eagles vs. Falcons
  31. Torry Holt, Rams at Patriots
  32. Kevin Walter, Texans vs. Bengals
  33. Lance Moore, Saints vs. Chargers
  34. Josh Morgan, 49ers vs. Seahawks
  35. Marvin Harrison, Colts at Titans
  36. Isaac Bruce, 49ers vs. Seahawks
  37. Roy Williams, Cowboys vs. Buccaneers
  38. Amani Toomer, Giants at Steelers
  39. Donnie Avery, Rams at Patriots
  40. Mike Furrey, Lions vs. Redskins
  41. Greg Camarillo, Dolphins vs. Bills
  42. Anthony Gonzalez, Colts at Titans
  43. Chad Ocho Cinco, Bengals at Texans
  44. Chansi Stuckey, Jets vs. Chiefs
  45. Steve Breaston, Cardinals at Panthers

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