Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adsense & California Prop 8

Like many bloggers and other sites, I use Adsense on this site - it's been tucked down on the bottom of the blog for the last few months.

Yesterday an ad appeared in support of California's Prop 8. Normally, I would just as soon not mention politics on The Blurb at all - we get it enough everywhere else.

But I feel very strongly in this particular case - I DO NOT support Proposition 8. I want to be clear on that. I wasn't able to figure out how to yank the specific ad (I am technologically less adept than some - hence being on Blogger and not having an independant site) so I just shut Adsense down for the moment. It will be on again tomorrow, for what that's worth.

Again, I do not support Proposition 8 in California's election. I won't tell you how to vote - I give lineup advice, not voting advice. But I think that proposition is terribly wrongheaded and frankly, have been offended by the fear mongering commercials in support of it the last month or so.

I apologize if I have thrown election stuff in a place that is normally free of it (an oasis of spin, as it were), but I felt today of all days that something needed to be said.

That's all - we now return you to our regularly scheduled fantasy info and will post top fantasy players later after the Stampede, when I return from voting.

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