Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top WR Performances for Week 11

TJ Houshmandzedah 12/149/1 -
Despite a terrible team, Housh is a very good starter most weeks - and may even overcome his teammates this week vs Pittsburgh. But he is getting tons of targets and also making the most of them. Didn't expect him to do this vs Philly - why not against the Steelers?

Anquan Boldin 13/189 - I cannot say enough how good he is. I don't need to. If you have Boldin, you start him every week as Warner will find him early and often. There are plenty of targets to go around and Boldin will see a bunch week to week. Tough matchup vs NYG doesn't phase me in the least.

Justin Gage 4/147/2 - A testament to the great play of Kerry Collins and the attention the run game gets. Gage is certainly a guy worth watching and while defenses will adjust to the Titans' pass attack, he is playing well most weeks and certainly deserves a look at flex or Wr3 or so in many leagues.

Larry Fitzgerald 10/151 - A while ago I wondered if two Cardinal WRs in the top ten was too much, but as is being shown every week, no it isn't. While on occasion Fitz and Boldin eat each other's fantasy production this week and most weeks that isn't the case. Odd man out appears to be Breaston and we'll see if he bounces back this week. But Fitz is the other Card WR you start and never question.

Lance Moore 8/102/1 - While Marques Colston took a step back, Lance Moore jumped back to the forefront with this great performance. Most of the yards were on a 47 yard play, but he still got a significant amount of looks and can be a good WR4 off and on due to some inconsistency week to week.

Hines Ward 11/124 - In an ugly game, Ward was Roethlisberger's best weapon through the air. A reliable redzone target, Ward is a guy you can count on every week as well.

Dwayne Bowe 7/53/2 - Bowe should be sending gift baskets to Thigpen every week. So should his owners.

Marvin Harrison 9/77/1 - What the...? Harrison was a factor in the pass game today but how often has that happened this year?

Jabar Gaffney 7/86/1 - 2 pt conv - When Moss was blanketed in coverage and Welker was getting doubled, Gaffney was the man Cassel looked to last Thursday. Unfortunately it's only the second time he has been fantasy relevant since his 6/51/1 in week 3. Although for those of you feeling frisky, that WAS against the Phins, who they play again this week....

RBs to come

Braylon Edwards 8/104

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