Monday, November 24, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 12

A little early this week, since it's a short week. Everything is accelerated this time of year and you could as easily be looking at missing the playoffs if you lose as you could be locked up already.

I have the top ten at each of the Big Three positions and you'll get a little something about each.

Matt Cassel 415/3/1 and 1 rush TD - Cassel continues to improve as a NFL QB and as a fantasy starter. He's still strictly a matchup guy, but he has some good ones and can blow up like this on occasion.

Chad Pennington 341/3/1 and 1 rush TD - I think the Jets will still take the trade, no matter how good Penni is playing. And he is playing very well. Another matchup guy, but a good one.

Trent Edwards 273/2 and 2 rush TDs - Where was this Trent Edwards the last few weeks? Edwards tore the Chiefs apart and did it well. Once again, a matchups guy as well as a good QBBC cat.

Tony Romo 341/3 and 1 fumble - The usual fumble/turnover happened but Romo is back and firing on all cylinders. I expect more good performances, though his competition was not that stiff this week.

Shaun Hill 303/2 - Speaking of his competition, Hill plays ok, and put up some nice points but I wouldn't trust him all that much. Consider also that this just points out how much of an achilles heel the secondary is in Dallas.

Eli Manning 240/3 - Manning is still playing well, and he was able to overcome an increasibly solid Cardinal secondary. The Giants didn't run the ball as effectively as they have before, so they turned to Manning who answered the bell.

Tyler Thigpen 243/3 and 1 fumble - As they were getting blown out, Thigpen had to throw and he continues to play pretty well. Too bad the D wasn't up to the challenge even remotely.

Jake Delhomme 295/1 and 1 rush TD - A lot better than he has been playing, no doubt about it. Still a little wary of him, as a few times he looked out of sorts, but that whole team has been playing underwhelmingly.

Phillip Rivers 288/2 and 1 fumble - The Chargers throw a lot more than they run and while it is hampering LT's numbers, Rivers is playing well because of it. The Chargers are on the ropes and how many 'must win' games do they have before they start looking to the 2009 draft?

Kurt Warner 351/1/1 and 1 fumble - Not his best day but over 300 yards again and a nice TD. He did turn the ball over twice which I was concerned might happen. Pressure and Warner are not always godo friends. But Warner is playing himself into a job for next year and Matty L may be waiting another year for his shot.

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