Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Fantasy RBs of Week 10

Thomas Jones - 149 Yards, 3 TDs - Thomas Jones has been rolling the last month and it looks like not only has the oline gotten it's act together, but the offense overall seems to be starting to click. The defense keeping things at least close also has given Jones the opportunities to run more in a game. But the biggest change is the oline - they are starting to open huge holes for Jones and as long as they do, he will do well as a flex with RB2 upside.

Adrian Peterson - 225 total yds, 1 TD - Peterson once again proves that no matter what, he's a huge weapon for the Vikings. On a day when Frerotte looked pretty bad and the defnes could just key on AP, he went and lit them up anyway, including winning the game with his TD. His matchups stay sweet most of the way, and even if they don't start him every week. He may be just heating up.

Maurice Jones-Drew - 91 total yds, 3 TDs - MJD didn't have a great day yardage-wise but got a ton of looks inside the red zone to the tune of 3 TDs. His matchups go up and down the rest of the way but the Jags actually looked focused this weekend after all th chaos of the previous week. Of course it was Detroit, but let's hope they keep the momentum going.

Brandon Jacobs - 126 yds, 2 TDs - Jacobs faced down a tough foe and played well in spite of it. Jacobs and the other two monster RBs on the squad are looking very productive and the only question is, will they start resting Jacobs for the playoffs?

Willis McGahee - 112 yds, 2 TDs - Who else is McGahee driving nuts? One week he is healthy, dressed and doesn't play. The next he does this. You have no idea week to week whether you can play him or not, or if Rice will get the bulk of the carries. Like I said, McClain is almost a surer bet week to week because he usually gets goal line carries. Remember when the Giants were going to play the hot hand? Turns out, it was Baltimore. A train wreck, and tough as heck to figure out.

The Best of the Rest -
Mewelde Moore - 105 total yds, 2 TDs - Moore had some problems what is usually a great RB matchup. If Parker wasn't so banged up, so much, how much would we see Moore? He was saved by the TDs. How often will that happen?

DeAngelo Williams - 143 total yds, 1 TDs - Pretty good production and Stewart is not healthy enough to take much away from the vet.

Kevin Smith - 123 total yds, 1 TDs - For a guy with little oline production, behind and against a decent D, the rookie from Central Florida did really good. Another year or so if they can get the line right and he may have some huge games.

Ricky Williams - 126 total yds, 1 TD - Ronnie Who? Brown got some work as well (they split carries pretty evenly) but Williams was more effective. Does that mean Ds are keying on Brown or he is fading? We'll no more this weekend when they face a less than stout Oakland.

Matt Forte - 126 total yds, 1 receiving TD - Of the two rookies in this game (Chris Johnson being the other) this is not the guy I expected to come out on top. But the Bears sold out to stop the run and they did. Forte continues to be effective catching and running the ball regardless of the QB.

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