Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Fantasy QBs of Week 10

Jay Cutler - 447/3 TDs, 29 Rushing Yards - Cutler started the football weekend off with a bang and held the top spot despite other strong performances. The run game is a train wreck so Cutler will have to throw alot, even to the backs. It may be tough but he'll have the opportunity for big games.

Drew Brees - 422/2 TDs, 10 Rushing Yards - Once again, Brees comes through for fantasy owners. Out of 9 games played, he has thrown over 300 yards 7 of them. In five of them he had two or more TDs, and four of thse were 3 TD games. And he just got Colston back. And Bush will be back soon. I think the Saints like to throw.

Kurt Warner - 328/3 TDs - QBing for another team that loves the long ball, Warner has thrown over 300 for 3 straight games, and has had multi TD games ever week but one. Part of it is a questionable secondary, but part of it is also the fantastic WR core of Fitz, Boldin and Breaston. Old Man River keeps on flowing.

Tyler Thigpen - 266/3 TDs, 26 Rushing Yards - Never did I think i would type this dude's name on this list but he has really turned his game around as have the Chiefs. He has made Bowe and Gonzalez almost reliablem has three straight games with good stats and hasn't turned the ball over since week 3. Granted, he wasn't always starting and we're still not sure if what we're seeign is real but he has started to show us a little something and is worthy of matchup consideration. Yup, never thought I would write THAT either.

Philip Rivers - 316/2 TDs, 2 INTs - Rivers has been a bit streaky this year - some really good games and some... well, not so much. The 2 turnovers hurt a bit in some leagues but overall he had a good performance. Vincetn Jackson has really come on, Gates is alive again and others have stepped up, including LT. Rivers will have some shaky games, but is generally solid week to week.

Peyton Manning - 240/3 TDs -Not the best of Manning's days but pretty solid nonetheless. Manning continues to perform beneath expectations and while I believe he still can turn it around, I also cannot pinpoint exactly what the problem is, as it appears to be something different each week. At least he has stopped turning the ball over.

The Best of the Rest:

Donovan McNabb - 194/3 TDs, 35 Rushing Yards - McNabb had a bad game yardage wise, but the 3 TDs help salvage it. He should be doing more though.

Matt Cassel 234/1 Rushing TDs, 22 Rushing Yards - Two words: Game. Manager. All he is, maybe all he ever will be. Tough matchup vs the Jets this week.

Kerry Collins - 289/2 - See Cassel, Matt. Also, for Collins, this is Montana-esque. But Chicago stopped the run and said beat us in the air - and he did. Kudos.

Honorable mention to Brady Quinn who just shipped Derek anderson outta town. If he can duplicate it again thisseason.

Back with WRs and RBs at some point today.

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