Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top WR Performances for Week 9

Back from the polls - and the weather turned nice but it didn't matter as I waited only about a 1/2 hour. With the exception of parking woes, completely painless!

Here's your WR studs for the week (there is a theme here).....

Derrick Mason 9 catches, 136 yds,1TD - ..... the hell? Yup, Mason had his one good game of the year. Flacco has killed whatever value he and Mark Clayton had to begin the year. Could Flacco be ramping up? I don't think so and even if he was, you cannot depend upon Mason for more than a #3 or 4 WR.

Donald Driver 7 catches, 136 yds, 1TD - It was bound to happen - Driver had a good game. With the emergence of Jennings and the other young wide receivers, Driver has finally faded almost into the background. Driver can still play and proved he needs to be accounted for by defenses, but it is unlikely he will be a consistent factor in fantasy circles.

Antonio Bryant 8 catches, 115 yds, 1TD - Bryant has been getting good targets from both Garcia and Griese before him. Bryant seems to finally be playing fairly well though somewhat inconsitently. He will have some good games, but likely not repeat a game like this often if at all. Again, another guy better off as a 3 or 4 for you.

Greg Camarillo 11 catches, 111 yds - Camarillo has been a consistent 4-8 points (depending on PPR or not) for most of the season, though when Tedd Ginn Jr exploded in week 8, people sensed doom. Not so fast as Camarillo had another good game - in fact better than average. Camarillo is a pretty good source of points each week as Pennington looks for him often. He'll be a productive 3rd or 4th WR for you.

Koren Robinson 4 catches, 101yds, 1TD - Most of this came on one play. But as banged up as the WR core in Seattle is, you have to watch what folks are doing. Robinson did a ton with his few catches and it would be a nice story if he had a career renaissance but this offense is still a mess and has a ton of question marks. A guy to keep on your bench in case, but if Hasselback returns in Week 11 as suggested, he may not see many targets and could fade again.

Others on the bubble --
Calvin Johnson - 8/88/1 - Orlovsky got the ball to CJ a bunch AND in the redzone. With him now out, we start again guessing if Stanton, Culpepper or some dude from the stands will get him the rock.

Anthony Gonzalez 4/55/2 - The Colts need Ganzalez to step up like he did last season. Wayne is banged up, Harrison is on his last legs and the rest fo the offense has issues. Watch and see if he can get back to a consistent play.

Bernard Berrian 2/104/1
- One of the most consistent WRs right now, Berrian has scored a TD in four straight games and been over 100 yds in three of those as well.

Anquan Boldin 6/93/1 - Two games. Two great performances. Boldin is filthy - this guy starts every week.

Chad Johnson/OchoCinco/this name for sale - 5/37/2 - Is The Chad waking up? He's starting to catch balls and he might be a buy low IF you are ok with him coughing up the occasional hairball.

RBs soon enough......

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